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i personally added a lot of music from a band called albannach... no guitars or any of thar modern bs just pipes and drums, and maybe a little synth...

The Gael

Alexander's Welcome

Hooligan's Holiday (my fave  :mrgreen:)

i took the "H" out of the url cuz apparently im not allowed to post links :???:


Grandmaster Knight
I surrender to the talent that offer these songs
You should hear this

Crossbow Joe

Grandmaster Knight
Idibil said:
I surrender to the talent that offer these songs
You should hear this


aurgelmir said:
Allsherjargoðinn Kvaddur

aurgelmir said:

Icelandic is a beutiful language.

Thought I would update the broken links to theese two songs since I really like them (and bump the thread while I'm at it) :smile:


Allsherjargoðinn Kvaddur


I don't know, the faster and louder the music the more I want fighting and the more stupid I get.  :???:

But the OST for Rome Total War: Barbaric Invasion 's got some serious pearls, also the OST for The Eagle, that apart from it's very historic accurate approach, it's a great movie for me.

But I just end up listening to the mod's songs anyways.

And yeah, the army of 'omg I want it babes' playing Skyrim stuff in the internet is proof of why there're so many atheists in the world, if there's a God, he's an unfair piece of $##@!

But this dude is still my favorite: , every time I listen to that first song in game now I go berserker mode.


When I play Brytenwalda I listen to the whole album of Wardruna but I mix it with some other stuff like: septicflesh, dimmu borgir, demonaz and other stuff. But I think you should all checkout Wardruna great music!


I like to listen to Bear McCreary's soundtrack to Battlestar Galactica, as well as some other stuff he's done. While not medieval, it often feels very, just, right you know. He uses a lot of very old instruments, like the duduk. It's not metal, but many of the songs have a high tempo with bow string instruments and drums.

Wander My Friends
Last battle of Osiris
Prelude to War


Some awesome music listed so far, truly. I knew about 90% of the metal bands listed and absolutely love Wardruna, but thanks to some of the posters for turning me on to some other folk and period music artists. Here's a few that I don't think were listed yet:

Wodensthrone, Anglo-Saxon blackened folk metal:
Oakenshield*, Anglo-Saxon folk metal, though they also write and sing about a lot of Nordic mythology:
Cnoc an Tursa, Scottish folk/black metal and a newly discovered favorite, their first full-length released this year:

Cruachan, one of the first folk metal bands in existence and an Irish band, singing about Celtic legends and history:

I saw Forefather listed here but I don't believe I saw Folkearth, they are an international group of folk/viking metal artists led by the two main members of Forefather, really epic stuff: 

Oakhelm,  pagan blackened folk/viking metal:
For a change of pace, some traditional folk and neo-folk artists:

The Moon and the Nightspirit, really beautiful haunting and "folky":
Omnia, similar:

I'd post more but it's time to dive back into Brytenwalda! Cheers for the team that made this wonderfully involving mod.
*There is also a Brazilian pagan/folk metal band by the same name though to my knowledge they unfortunately only released a demo before splitting up.


hey guys. i want music about this mod but not metal. more calm land heroic .  in brythenwalda music folder there is a song named mount_and_blade_title_screen2  . something like this i am looking


I see it's been a while since someone posted here something but who knows maybe someone will have a use of it...
So here's something from me 2h of celtic music very relaxing and i like read books with this in background
PS. it's only instrumental


Well, everything norse/celtic related was mentioned.. except one thing which I didn't really see:
This is one legendary song!
There's also some slavic things I love listening to sometimes, dunno if norse/celts will approve or not tho!
Both of these bands works very well for playing as germanic pagans, especially Forefather, being Anglo Saxon metal  :razz:

Forefather -
Falkenbach -


Amon amarth:
Guardians of Asgaard
Runes to my memory

Blind guardians:
Bard song

  You're Welcome :grin:


Knight at Arms
Recommendations for Brytenwalda? I can add tracks to certain scenes with a little effort at converting them to .og files.


gdwitt said:
Recommendations for Brytenwalda? I can add tracks to certain scenes with a little effort at converting them to .og files.

I listen to these:

And I think other mods have used them as well. There is one track on the first one which I know is in Nova Aetas.
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