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The Music is Great!

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I initially turned it off because I prefer a more immersive experience, but at some point I turned it back on for a reason I can't remember and I agree. The music is quite good. Good enough that I haven't turned it back off yet.

The Swedish Nyckelharpa in the beginning and some variation of a hurdy gurdy after 2:28 I think. From the multiplayer menu. Really like this one.
Yeah. This game has some real earworms. Soundtrack has become IRL soundtrack. It's always somewhere in my head, even when I am doing very mundane things unworthy of the score.
It's funny that they have this as the theme since the Khuzait are primarily based on Turkic tribes around the Black Sea area (i.e. those around the Byzantines) such as the Pechenegs, Cumans, and to a lesser/mixed extent the Khazars that came before them. TW: Attila apparently also did the same thing -- using Mongolian throat singing as the Huns' theme -- even though there's no evidence that Huns performed that kind of music (and they were about 700-800 years apart!)

Yeah, I think a lot of these anachronisms are implemented just for cinematic reasons. I don't personally have a problem with it, but I am cognizant that they are historically inaccurate -- or at least historically ambiguous. Braveheart is my favorite movie, but many of the Scots in the movie wore kilts and painted their faces with woad.

I'm glad TW: Attila portrayed some of the Huns as more East Asiatic looking though (though it probably was a bit too much with some units). Roman historians almost unanimously described them as short, and dark complected, with smaller eyes, and flat noses. By the time Attila invaded the Roman Empire, much of his forces were made up of integrated Germanic tribes, but Attila and the original Huns he brought probably had more [mixed] Asiatic features. One thing is almost certain: Attila and his original Huns did not look strictly European, nor did they look strictly like what we would call Arabic or Middle Eastern (who typically have larger, more prominent noses). They probably looked like the majority of people found in modern day Kazakhstan or Kashgar (in far western China); that is, mixed but with identifiable East Asian features.
For some reason we aren't getting that guitar music that played during gamescom campaign videos, it was quite simple but pretty nice so i wish they didn't cut it.
this one right? i was a fan of that music and i am very disappointed since it doesn't play in game

We have to wait until Cordalos makes a return- with the original voice acting- before this music is heard again.
I really like the Bannerlord music.This soundtrack was in the Deus vult mod for Warband:

There's an upbeat track somewhere around 24min. The aristocratic arrogance crept up your spine while you where slaughtering hundreds of peasant to this cheerful tune. Twas magnificent.

Also check out the comment section on this one. It's pure gold:

I sometime just let it play on youtube in the background. But I'm trying to figure out how to implement these to soundtracks into the game as campaign/battle music.
One of the songs that run when you load your save reminds me of music from Conan Exiles to the point where I needed to check if it's not the exact same song.

It's not but very similar.
In the midst of the raging tearstorm that is the forum currently, let's take a step back and appreciate the wonderful music accompanying the game.

Those Vlandian and Battanian tunes are truly remarkable in their own right. Damn I'd love to have an OST released sometime.
+1 to releasing the OST,
i always get collector's edition versions of games if they include the OST.
would appreciate it so i can listen to the magnificent music while driving
I find that the main menu theme is perhaps my favourite. Has some major inspirations from Basil Poledouris' Conan theme. Only problem is that it makes me want to play a Sword and Sorcery game. We have to wait for some mod tools for that though.
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