the most ugly character in this game

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Abagai's face needs to be made less narrow (her chin, in particular, is sharp AF, but the entire head is inhumanly narrow), and the profile view could use some work as well, but the face doesn't need to be completely scrapped. Just edited a bit.

What you're seeing in that screenshot is mostly the currently-broken facial animations, which is another issue altogether. Lots of characters have a ludicrous leer when you talk to them, ever since 1.5.0 or so. It can make even good-looking characters look ridiculous.

Another thing is that the helmet that Abagai wears has a bug where it "chops off" parts of the head mesh which are not covered by the helmet (most notably the ears), and which thus ought to be visible. This glitch accentuates the fact that her face is narrower than is physically possible with real humans.

It occurs to me that I really ought to make a thread about this in tech support, but it kinda feels like a lost cause... I get the feeling that Taleworlds has too much on their plates to fix stuff like this, given the sheer number of cosmetic issues of this sort that the game has. Most of the armour has severe issues with clipping/floating/etc., even on what are supposed to be matched sets. From time to time I see something in the patch notes about "fixed some armour clipping issues," but I still see the same broken clipping I've always seen. In at least one case, they made it worse.

I love Taleworlds, but the fact that no one over there seems to notice this kind of stuff is perplexing. And disheartening, as it makes me feel like—you know—if they haven't already recognized that this is a glaring error, then I don't think me pointing it out is going to change anything.
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they somehow they all have those creepy smile on their face, like , WTF is that smile??

I only seen those creepy smile in haunted house
It is creepy.. But I noticed that they smile / frown based on your Relationship with them. 100 = giant duffus smile like a cracked out clown. 0 = some mad spoiled brat looking face. Then in various mean looks and smiles in between.

Too bad you can't punch them in the face to make them stop smiling and lower your Relationship to around 75 or so.
The character engine isn't the best one, to many people with the same look.
Unfortunately, the easiest solution to Bannerlord's problem of weird faces is to narrow the range of generated values, which would actually increase the incidence of similar-looking faces. However, this really only needs to happen for random NPCs; named NPCs can be hand-crafted.
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