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Looks like a helmet made of flesh  :razz:

- you could keep that look, and just improve the texture.
wahahaha... that looks nice... juz like real orcs... using nothing but scrap metal... the warcraft orc are too advanced to be called orcs

elven send me the textures... i will try to make something out of them

and here is my orc with a spiked helm with my orc's texture... of cox i will make a seperate texture for the helm... but hey... if this looks good... =)

here is the orc with the intended spiked helm texture (270 poly)

hope u like it =)
hey elven... u got the stuff i sent u yet?? i guess since i haven learn about the brf edit thing i better let someone who know to do it... who usually does all the rigging??
Hey if somehow i manage to make let's say some helmet however if it's cool , fantasy look can it be accepted and used in the mod ? Of course if i make a setr or something .Cause if i would try doing it and none would need them it would be useless :razz:

Anyway nice helmet for the orcs.
if u can it would be good... but remember for a while about practicality for a while when ur working on the model... although its a fantasy world ppl dun go around wearing 6 inch steel armor and wield a blade twice their own size... thats all the requirements for this mod... obviously fantasy themes are acceptable... gud luck!!  :grin:
I find it confusing to model ;( .However something strange happened to me.I followed some tutorials (How to make a helmet) however he showed up how to open the face mesh so then you can easily make a helmet.
I did the same , opened the Face mesh but i noticed that it was to small ,it was small small , so i changed its size made it larger but then i thought that what if the helmet i'm going to make won't fit the in-game character head or such stuff , so nah i leave modeling to others :razz: (I wanna do it cause i have some models in mind) but i have no idea how large i should build the helmet lolz :razz:
the head size is what they use in-game... so u could always zoom in and work at close distances.... or... u make a save file consisting of only the head... then u bring another head to a new file... enlarge uniformly... make the helm... then when u done... get rid of the head.... merge the in-game head... resize and rescale...

hope u understand what i'm talking about  :grin:

elven... i juz learned the higher rank the orc the blacker its skin gets... i think the texture can be editted for different tiers of feron troops
i spent two hours making this armor but it as a final poly count of 1842... is it too much??

here it is in wire frame half

and here in shaded mode

here in full

side view

top view

bottom view

back view

after triangulated
i need someone to texture this for me... my level of texturing experience will get me nowhere with this mesh :cry:

note: the shoulder pad is a different cube... its okay to texture them seperately
Wow , awesome armor man .I have a question
What version of Wings 3d are you using , what's the program to open the MESHES called ? If so tell me what version your using :smile:

I use version 0.99.06 for wings... then after u make the mesh... u uv map the mesh using wings and make the texture with photo ediit programmes like adobe photoshop or GIMP ... after texture is done... its imported back to wings to get a preview of ur mesh with the texture... after that would be the brf edit by thorgrim... that i still have no idea how to do... basically modelling is juz making models and textures... the brf edits should be the rigger's worries...i think :wink:

I wouldn't have taken offense if you had said it was **** and I should crawl back into hole from whence I came. Which is slightly odd.


I've made an Elven instead, ill try throw on som Textures in a mo

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