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Europe in Flames (Series)

MB version: For Warband 1.168
Mode: Singleplayer

EIF2: EnEx - XVII Century Wars , Beta 1.1

EIF1: 1618 AD (only the 30 Years War), Final 1.

EIF3: To Be Determined


I want to thanks to all the Comunity their support to this work. I was not a modder before i tried to make EIF.
My skills on 2/3D dessign, scripting, etc, were 0. I hope you will be comprehensive. But i did my best.

Thanks again to TaleWorlds. This game makes me enjoy.

Features: I won't talk about them again. Discover by yourself downloading the Mod or reading this post  :grin:


Support signatures:


More info:,343096.msg8285782.html#msg8285782​

Videos from v1.0 :​

Modification Type: Total  Conversion / Historic Simulator

Mode: Single Player

Language: English (Both)/Español (EIF1)/Chinese (EIF1)

Autor: Jatynski

Special thanks to TaleWorlds for this fantastic game and their modding policy.
Thanks a lot to Snowbird Games for their permission in ussing their work.


Few years since the last war, the King of Romans, Mathias von Osterreich want to unify again the Empire under the Catholic faith and he will do whatever for achieve it.

The Evangelic League, with Friedrich von Palftz leading it, is ready to fight against that impositions.

At the same time, the United Provinces are in permanet tension with the Kingdom of Spain: the spaniards claims  the territories at the Netherlands holded by the Provincies and don't recognize their independence.

Polithics and Religion is a latent and  dangerous explosive cocktail, about to explode. More than 5 millions of deaths will be the consecuence of the 30 Years War.

The real first WW is coming ...

Fight with the Spanish Tercios; be a Swedish Reytar, a Scotish Mercenary or become a more famous general than Von Tilly or Lennart Tortenson.

Main Features: (EIF1)

-Factions: Imperio Español (Paises Bajos), Kingdom of Denmark, United Provinces, Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom of Sweden and Evangelic Union.
-Central and North Europe Map.
-Historic characters and location names as accurate as possible.

Out there:
-Functional Field Artillery, recruitable at Towns.
-Pre-battle orders and deployment. Advanced formations.
-Entrench your troops.
-And more ...

-Civilian/Military buildings and map icons, mainly from WFAS.
-New scenes.
-Flora and landscapes improved.
-Varied and accurate clothing, both civil and military.
-Ambientation: Musicans not only at the taverns but playing at the Courts. New characters at the streets: clerics, noblesse, gamblers, etc.
-Hair and beards of that era.
-New music
-And more ...

Some images:


More information and previous development (in spanish):

Many elements from WFAS
TOTSK - Artillery and some other little stuff (but very useful :smile:  )
PBOD kit by Caba Drin
Custom Player Party Name by Caba Drin
Formations, Code by Motomataru
Entrenched Camps kit by Tempered
Tavern Animations kit by Slawomir of Aaaaaaaaaaaargh !!!  :grin:
Map icons by Al-Mansur
Grenades Code by Screamingcommie
Recruiter Kit by Hesuuuu
Perfect troop tree presentation by Rubik
17th Century OSP by Willhelm
Flintlock Weapons OSP
Flipping coins with tavernkeepers Code by Albertus Magnus
Beer drinking for Warband! Code by Lumos
Three Cards Game by AndyYa
Kaos Bank by Lazeras

A lot of single items, took from other OSP, retexturized or light-modified by me. Thanks you guys

Special Credit to:

I'm sorry if i missed someone; please, contact me and i will include you !!!
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