The Midnight Watchmen [TMW] - UNDEFEATED SINCE 2015

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uni getting gta this weekend//

cant wait to take him shopping and buy lots of clothes. Then we can all have a party at rurins. wiooooo
blacktidek is a bully nd shuld hold no officer in te midnihgt watchemen


we kant sit aruhnd and watch this happenink
i maek myself cry such a poet  :cry:

Arys son of Kappa: i need to describe what
Arys son of Kappa: warband is
Clockwise: a gaym
Arys son of Kappa: can u help?
Clockwise: for gaymers
Clockwise: tru gaymers
Clockwise: men of might
Clockwise: men of passion
Arys son of Kappa: likle i looked up the definition
Clockwise: with the will to dominatte other men
Arys son of Kappa: and it was some gay rp ****
Clockwise: in pitched kombat
Clockwise: the will to push ahead
Arys son of Kappa: like"rid tocalradia"
Clockwise: into teh darkness
Clockwise: when all else seems lost
Clockwise: to strive for gr8ness
Arys son of Kappa: ok stop
Clockwise: in the face of peril
Arys son of Kappa: stop
Clockwise: and to not stop
Clockwise: until the ultimate goal
Arys son of Kappa: ™
Clockwise: has been reached
Arys son of Kappa: ™
Arys son of Kappa: ™
Arys son of Kappa: n o
Clockwise: warband is the sound of the waves beating the rocks, the sound of our fear beating down on us and the sound of us fighting it off and taking hold of our destiny through force of will found deep within
Clockwise: did that help?
Clockwise: WARBAND is every single one of us, in every single one of us. WARBAND is the genius inspired by the souls of men found in the dark corners of the world and the bright shining momument of the sky.
Arys son of Kappa: .
Clockwise: DESPAIR
Arys son of Kappa: .
Arys son of Kappa: .
Clockwise: oh
Clockwise: woe
Arys son of Kappa: clock
Arys son of Kappa: im not writing a ****ing book
Clockwise: to those who have not known that cruel sting
Arys son of Kappa: im describing what it is
Clockwise: the harsh pain of loss
Arys son of Kappa: to a esport organization
Clockwise: the foul stench of a crushing blow to the heart
Clockwise: DESPAIR
Clockwise: I say
Clockwise: and yet
Clockwise: hope too
Clockwise: hope that shiens brighter than the eyes of a maiden in love
Clockwise: THIS is the essence of warband
Arys son of Kappa: sigh
Clockwise: live it well
Arys son of Kappa: why did i ever ask
Clockwise: my friend.
Arys son of Kappa: why
Actually hilarious. Liam Neeson narrates a behind the scenes making of coldplay's GoT musical, with most of the actual cast taking part.

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