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I have played the Revenge of the Berserk and must say I enjoyed it a lot. I think I played more RoB than Native overall (despite the bugs in RoB!) and certainly more than any other mod.

The things I like about the mod is the awesome atmosphere and a storyline. It makes the mod seem much more alive and interesting than others that basically are Native Deluxe ++ v2 and are all mostly similar in that you just gather army, conquer stuff and so on.

Several ideas on how to make the mod more interesting/better came to my mind:

*If possible, make some quickbattles scale a bit with the Battle Size slider, or make some switchable option for that. I play on battle size 60, because everything higher than that makes the battle really laggy on my not so great laptop. Some of the battles were exceedingly difficult because of that. Especially rescue Griffith was very hard even on 1/4 damage and 1/2 to friends, because for the first part I could not do anything - because of how game works, extreme laggyness (1 fps or less) made it impossible to hurt enemies with melee weapons - 6 foot sword just clanks for 0 damage regardless of how I swing it. This effect starts to appear around 2 fps, but it made the rescue griffith battle extremely hard - my buddies had to do all the work in the battle at bottom of the stairs and most of them were K/O anyway).

*When you join the hawks as Gutts, you generally can go wherever you want, but the story quickbattles happen out of blue. When joining the hawks as non-Gutts, everything turns into a long quickbattle sequence, which is very tedious (you have to through half storyline without a single save).
I was thinking - would it be possible that when you join Hawks, you don't steer them, so that the Band of Hawk is controlled by AI, not you ? Just like when you are taken prisoner. Then, AI for Griffith can drive the story - he can actually go to castle, where you fight Basuzo (or fight Gambino's mercs) as quickbattle, so that the battle isn't just hanging in the air. And for non-Gutts storyline it would allow you to save sometimes. Besides, the Band of Hawk might just get into regular fights, not only quickbattles. In such case everybody could be "ally" except for yourself (or yourself and your battle, if you are Gutts). In similar vein, Fiora's place could be actually a place on the map (albeit hidden until Shierke joins you) and the town you save could be just a nearby village (so you need to go there to start the Troll assault and chruch defense quickbattle).

*Is if necessary for everybody to have superhuman stats and skills ? If most of the stats were toned down a bit, it might be easier to make tough bosses. If needed, stats for regular soldiers could be lowered. I mean, Lancer does not have to be level 20 and have 150 skill. He might as well be level 10 and have 60, together with smaller Power Strike. It's a bit weird to see Casca for example having 60 Strength (more than Gutts till Eclipse) and 30 in everything else. Unless they are demons, shouldn't they have more humanly stats ?

*Like somebody pointed out earlier in some of the many topics on this subboard, Unnatural Man is sort of... not so cool. Wouldn't it be nicer if there were some more monstrous enemies during Eclipse ? Like some of the Beasts of Interstice stuff - Cyclopi, few Ogres, maybe some instances of this monster that's only used in non-Gutts scenario and only once (stopping the chase after Hawks after Griffith is rescued). It would be a lot cooler if there were different monsters around. Also, I think it might be better if the objective of Eclipse was not to kill them all, but just to survive for certain amount of time (is it possible in M&B engine ?). If you do, then there would be text saying how Skull Knight rescued you and Casca etc. It was a bit weird to kill all the demons during the Eclipse (not to mention annoying, them hiding in some obscure crack and you don't have minimap, or having a floating pile of them above ground).

*Would it be possible to enable minimap for most quickbattles (or at least those that are actual battles, not necessarily for things like prison break, where minimap would be sort of useless considering the setup and multiple levels)


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Synelor said:
I propose renaming Kingdom of Tudor to Chudan Empire, if BP is ever coming back from his grave.

I've thought the same although I am used to Tudor now. Not only Tudor and Chudan, I've also seen a mix of the two: Chudar- Might've been in the anime, cant remember.


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Ramun The Slave Trader should buy prisoners like ransom brokers according to level.In 1011 version He buys them 1 denar each. That really should be fixed.