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Delora Filth

Do you want to run this ship?
Overcharged my consumption battery. So now all my lights are too bright. But the bog flushes like a pneumatic tube.

Delora Filth

Do you want to run this ship?
Been pretty stuck in harbour since last autumn on account of... well, sailing I winter isn't really all that fun here. And having my sails in for service. Finally got them back last weekend. So reason for summer season. Planning a trip southward to a couple of festivals later this summer. And a pirate cruise for kiddo's birthday.

Anyone else been homoing around at sea?
Time for some activity!

For the first time went through border check / customs duty because we sailed from ... Slovenia to Croatia! :grin:

Also, had a kind-of-racing ship borrowed that had some quirks like not being able to have sunroof deployed together with sails and only around 5kts max speed on engine, but it managed to do 5kts on sails on 8kts wind which I found quite impressive. Especially considering my knowledge of sails doesn't go beyond horizontal tell-tales good, flickering tell-tales bad.

Also did 8 knots on sails which may very well be my top speed so far. Would be slightly higher, if it were not for waves. And if I deployed genoa in full. But since I am a sail noob, I havent figured out how to set the main sail so the ship does not fight its own rudder (or tilt so heavy the rudder stops responding) with full genoa and therefore had to have it on +-3/4 of volume.

Finally, we decided to try dinghy photoshoot which turned much better than expected, except for the fact that we did it on the last day with 2-3kts wind so there is nothing sporty about the photos. First half of the week has 15-20kts of wind. Duh, talk about being unlucky.

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