SP Native The Magnificent Seven v.31 (for .704) *updated* 11/2

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Not only did you need a separate install, you needed a new install for each version-- Knights, Berserkers, and Nomads. Yep.

The best part was the "rune" weapons you would get as faction rewards once you got to a certain point. Unless the best part was the bandit missions where you slaughtered the helpless farmers and refugees.

. . . I feel so old.
kaiser said:
when i click on the link, it says url not found.... :sad:
Looks like the link was to the old repository site; I updated the link, but here it is as well:
Dunno, the last version that I made this for was .704. I know that worked.  I think Ubberdorc updated it for .711 with some new content, its on the repository under "Toms mag-7" or something. Hussey, The original version was for .632, came out june 6th 2005 I think.

It was fun a long time ago but Im not sure its worth the download at this point. Especially as there are no new graphics in this version as hugemod was never updated for .704 and my graphics were in there.
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