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Today i ran into a litte problem with your mod.

The countof thir (or whatever) asked me to bting him 6 vaergir footman.

Now I go there with 6 vaergir footman prisoners out of a vaergir fourager party (no idea if it makes a difference if it would be rebells or regular units) and I get the dialog option that I am still working on it.

Any idea how to fix that (maybe by changeing some sort of file)
Thought Id solved all that nonsense. Ill look at it tommorrow but make sure you are bringing them to the right count. Just in case, ignore whatever town it mentions in the quests window, go by the counts name. Then try the opposite, ignore the counts name, go by the town.

Will help me bug hunt if that turns something up. Either way, its 50/50 if its fixable in your game. There are two parts to the quest routine, the initialization bits and the resolution bits. If its a problem with the initialization it wont be fixable for this character, youll just need to keep it active or quit the faction and get your quests cleared. If its a problem with the resolution, it will be easily fixed.
Shouldnt be hard to recreate but Ill PM you my email and you can send it to me just in case its more complicated.

Edit: That sounds like a problem from the last version though, make sure you are using version .21. I recovered 4 vaegir footmen for the king in sargoth and had no problem ending the mission. It seems likely youve still got the old version.

Edit2: For anyone who hasnt noticed there may be a problem with the "V/S Raiders" quests. I dont remember editing some stuff in triggers so it may be that the quest wont end. Ill check it later and fix it for the texture update if needed.
Hmm. Dunno if this is just a .703 issue or a mag 7 issue, but it seems like 9/10ths of the quests I'm given are capture quests. Ie, get a dark captain or nobleman etc. Is there any way to increase the frequency of supply type quests?
Nairagorn said:
Hmm. Dunno if this is just a .703 issue or a mag 7 issue, but it seems like 9/10ths of the quests I'm given are capture quests. Ie, get a dark captain or nobleman etc. Is there any way to increase the frequency of supply type quests?

Well no idea however I like it that supply quests are a bit more rare. These are a real cashcow in the unmodded game and makes getting rich a bit to quick
Well, its just a random number that determines the quest so nothing should have changed from the old versions to this one. It is true though that half the missions are now some form of capture mission for vaegir/swadia. I could just double the number of old quests (copy/ paste) to increase their chances of coming up.

Im not going to do any real changes though until the textures are out.
Just something that came into my mind:

Enemy raider party quest: 4500xp

Capture 'insert-high-ranking-enemy-here' : not so much xp

Those capture targets have quite a bunch around them...
(yes, you get xp from slaughtering all of those henchmen)
Argh! Vaegir footmen quest unsolvable?

I'm really enjoying your mod AW, and now I'm stuck!
I have two "Vaegir Footmen" as prisoners. I talk to the count, and it says I still haven't finished it!

I originally had 5 prisoners, but unloaded 3 thinking that perhaps due to an error I needed to have the exact amount - that didn't fix it!

..and yes, I am sure I'm talking to the right count.

...and yes, they're definitely "prisoners" and not members of my party..

Anyone seen this before?

ps: ARGH!
Theres another guy who has the same problem... but are you sure you are using version .21? When I tested it I captured vaegir footmen and solved the quest with no problem. That was a problem with .20 though as I had mixed .702 and .703 code.
Ok, then its in the current one. Can you remember the name of the count? Previously someone had trouble with the count of thir or whatever.
Fantasitc mod AW. Really makes the game deeper and more enjoyable. Should be part of the regular game. A few things:

1)I'm having the same problem with finishing a prisoner quest. The count of Rivacheg has asked me to bring him 3 Swadian men at arms. Tried many different times, but he won't recognize that I have them.

2)As a low level Vaegir servant 5 out of the 6 quests I got were "Capture Khan" "Capture Dark General" "Capture Sea Raider boss" etc. There is no way I could take on these huge armies till much later in the game, so if it was possible I would recommend not having these quests given till the main character is lv25+

3)At level 26 I took on the Khergit horde and had a mammoth epic battle, and managed to capture the KHan. Upon returning I got 1000xp or something. About the same as a caravan escort! The simple Capture nobleman mission gives 4000xp and kill raiders gives 3500. I generally think your xp rewards are far too low, since in an average battle with mountain bandits or something I get around 1000xp just from killing enemies. Since the xp curve at higher levels rises so sharply, its not like giving huge xp rewards unbalances anything. Giving huge gold rewards does, but not xp. As it stands now, its far more lucrative to just spend your time fighting and killing random enemies rather than doing quests. Of course the quest paths result in nice (and nicely balanced) items so they are good in that aspect, but I think it would be far more satisfying if you gave some big xp rewards for quests too (Since after level 20 you need so much xp to advance a level, the quests would give a nice boost and remove the "I have to kill 42000 bandits to advance to the next level" feeling)

All in all a superb contribution to the game though. Thanks for all your hard work!
Glad you like it.

#1, yeah, seems like there is a bug with the capture regular troops quests. Ill look at it today. I think I know what it is.

#2, Initially I was going to include a level check for some missions but either didnt get around to it or couldnt find a good operation code for it. The operations list was eventually released but I never got around to redoing it. Ill check again but at the moment there is no operations list with the .703 codes. Best to wait for the tools, then rewrite the mod using that format, everything will then be much easier. It would be easy to do based on faction rank though as I know that one.

#3, Yeah, I greatly reduced all the exp and gold rewards in .20 as I had heard that the deflation of the economy also affected the exp rewards. Ill look into rebalancing it. The old rewards were 10x higher I think.
um earlier i had 7 troop slots hired the 6 bezerkers then hired a black kerghit horseman in dhorak forgetting you are mean tto leave one more slot than needed open, nothing bad seemed to happen.
Yeah, you can hire *one* doing that but not any more. It always looks for a free slot (I scammed the code from heroes). Nothing bad will happen, it just wont let you hire more than one without an extra free slot.
AW: Yes! It's the count of TIHR! I'm having trouble with the same guy!

Edit: Ah, you've seen it happen to some other people with different counts.. Looks like the game's up for this bug.
It's great! :smile: I love it! The only negative thing is the low rewards from quests. When getting to 20+ levels I could really do some extra xp :grin:
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