"The Lowlands", Swadian-themed RP map!

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Eragon91 said:
The earliest versions was pretty stable though. But if you would like to go the map a second chance, i's certainly appreciate it.

I will have the TLP server go ahead and run the version of the map that I have. I think it is the version right before the middle tavern was added (the one out in the field between spawn and praven). It seems to run fine.

I really like the map and so do the rest of the TLP members that have played it. Now that we have increased our player slots we can definitely put this map into good use. Good job on it!

Come play with us :smile:

Julius Cassus

Knight at Arms
Team: Romans
This map was really good. It had lots of fighter castles like Praven lazlo and vorne. It also had an RP area called Oasis which looked like Rivendale xD

Caecilia Mordax

Team: Romans
Matthew_Of_Medith said:
This map was really good. It had lots of fighter castles like Praven lazlo and vorne. It also had an RP area called Oasis which looked like Rivendale xD
This is one of the best map out there.

Rustius Pulcher

Team: Romans
Hello Guys, bumping this cause the map still rules in some points.

For example the beautiful landscape and the lovely Rivendell erhm i mean Oasis :wink:

Im a relatively new mapper and to gather some exp(plus to improve this map a bit for the Community), im going to try to patch this map a little. : )

Already changed for example the misplaced doc for Richfield in the peasant Village,the deactivated salt pile in Richfield and added a Saddle stock to Vorneston Castle (i think if you are the Lord of the biggest Military Castle on the map you should be able to produce some nice Battle Horses dont you think?)
Maybe adding a little changelog and a Download-Link soon.

Right now im on trying to balance the strange linen clothing price (Right now you sell Linen Clothing the best right next to the Craft-table Lol)
I also want to add a money-chest to old port (the weapon & armor selling is linked to Old port, not Praven but there is no money chest and i think as a merchant you have a right for your profit i guess), and one to richfield (yea i know they are just peasants and stuff, but if some Lord dominates them he can also take the tax from the mayor out of the money chest.).
Two more saddles in the map (one in another castle and the other at a neutral location like e.g. commoner spawn.) would be nice too i think.

Are there some opinions pro or contra for my suggestions or some other ideas? Please Reply then (Maybe its better to open a new Thread for this?)

Sosius Insanus

Sergeant Knight
Team: Romans
This map is broken.

I tried to fix it 3 full weeks with several experienced mappers.

But I wish you good luck to fix it, for me it was a huge waste of time.  :???:

ps. You need the permission from Fritzel to edit it.... I had the permission, but he is very sensitive regarding this.

Rustius Pulcher

Team: Romans
yea thx for the good wish.

I agree you should normally ask a mapper for permission and i will take no credit for this Map, it belongs to Eragon/Fritzel but in this situation related on the comments Eragon/Fritzel seems to be banned and the fact that he dosent answers supports this, or he dosent want to update it and i think then its ok to make some kind of community patch.
eth1234567890 said:
Eragon91 has been banned for a long time and i do not know how you are going to talk to him.

I got a relativly stable version of this map from the server eu-union on wich i play momentanly.
I don't know wich version you using but this version works well for me.
Anyways thanks for the comment ; )

Sosius Insanus

Sergeant Knight
Team: Romans
I pmed you his email. Even if he is here banned one should ask the creator. Imo.

And the version Union is using, is the one I worked on 3 weeks.

Its unstable.

Rustius Pulcher

Team: Romans
Yea i agree to you,

its the right way to atleast try to inform the creator of things you want to edit even if they are banned.
And its my bad that i didnt asked him in the first place.(Right now i write an email to him and i wont realese anything till i get an answer)

But i didnt uploaded anything so far, so no damage is down at the time i think.

If its your opinion that its unstable, well then its your opinion but i can't agree to it.
So far at my time on it i had no greater Problems with it and the playing went pretty well.
around 100 different Players play this map every day in the last week or so and there are just some problems like missing saddle stocks who stop the players from fully play it normal.I also found only one unlinked item (salt-sack richfield) so far.

Can't you give me some examples why its unstable in your opinion?

Sosius Insanus

Sergeant Knight
Team: Romans
Which server?
100 Players at the same time?

The map wont crash if only 20-30 player are on the server on peak times.
>30 it does crash.

The reason is unknown. And I have tried countless things. Like deleting all crash possibilities and more.
But I would be glad if you will find the reason and as I said, I wish you all luck! You will need it.  :wink:

Possible Unstable Reason:

To many PW mechanics like : Teleport doors/use mechanics like spin,craft,buying etc/ Wrong placed props/ Portcullises / Too many Plants...

Its a needle in the haystack.


Rustius Pulcher

Team: Romans
yea the map crashed once a week but the map before on union did the same, so i thought maybe they have some server problems.

Im not Jesus ; P im not telling you that i fix this in no time i only want to also try to fix it and maybe gather some mapping exp.

sry if i gave you the wrong idea i wrote 100 different players who could play it realativly good if you dont think on the weekly crashes. I would add that momentanly up to 60 players play this map at the same time.

Thank you again for the good wishes i hope atleast i can learn from it a bit if i can't fix everything.
And thank you for the hints. : )

Edit: Work is halted, currently im in touch with Eragon91 himself, speaking to him about my plans ,his map,his ideas and his opinion about it.

It seems now i have kind of a coorparation with Eragon91 over email, he said he hasnt that much time but gave me permisson to edit the linen cloth balancing and gave me a hint how i could do that.

Salva he said i should ask you for the new version of The Lowlands, because he said i have got the old version from Eu-Union with two mines.

Salva i send you a pn with my email could you please send me your version then?
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