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Which launcher are you using?
Some launchers don’t save the load order after you start the game, have you followed the load order on the nexus description of the mod in installation?
Also when you installed the mod it should have asked you to overwrite some files (don’t worry there are backups included and you can use steam to verify the files when uninstalling if that fails).
If not you will want to manually copy all the mod files and place them in the mod folder for bannerlord and overwrite anything it asks you to but I think it’s most likely the load order.
Do you have a launcher you can recommend


Man, since the last update the mod launcher won’t let me place TLN and TLN custom start above native sandbox. And deleted the saved games. :/.


Man, since the last update the mod launcher won’t let me place TLN and TLN custom start above native sandbox. And deleted the saved games. :/.
Did you do a complete reinstall of the mod?
The latest updates require the mod to be completely removed, steam to verify the files then reinstall the mod manually because of the way the devs have changed some files and they even moved some files for no real reason I can see so it’s been a bit of a pain figuring out what they moved and where to.

Also what do you mean by not letting you change the load order? What exactly happens?

As to the save games, yeah a lot of mods saves have been corrupted because of the game updates.

Or if you can wait a bit I’m working on an update to be ready in the next 24hrs and might fix some things, you will still have to remove the mod and verify the steam files before installing it though.
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Man, since the last update the mod launcher won’t let me place TLN and TLN custom start above native sandbox. And deleted the saved games. :/.
I thought the same about saved games ,but scroll to the bottom of your saved game list for some reason they flipped them


Load order is as recommended,,I do have recruit other prisoners right away and royal armoury,,should I try it without the other mods
You can try but I can’t think of any reason why that would interfere.
Does the option to change skin colour to blue appear in the character creation menu?


So I downloaded and under my launcher there were alot to click for the mods but only two work but the rest crashes game..any help be appreciated
You only click the 4 that are listed on page..long night,long night quick start,,heroes and umm im drawing a blank now ,troops maybe but it shows an example on the mod page


Ahhh i finally got it working thanks brother,,I uninsintalled everythin

This is a total conversion that adds all the game of thrones factions, including The White Walkers and other fantasy creatures such as giants. The focus of this mod will be on the fantasy part.
It adds tons of new troops created from scratch, factions such as The North, Southern Kingdom (Lannisters etc) Dothraki, Unsullied, The Vale, Dorne, The Night;s Watch etc etc.
Characters from the show are added, with the correct familes and clans in their faction as well as fiefs from the show.

The White Walkers have come all hope is lost unless someone can unite the kingdoms to fight against them. And even then it might not be enough.

This mod replaces most in game factions with game of throne factions as well as adding white walkers.
It takes place sometime between when Ned Stark was executed and the North starting fighting with the Lannisters.

The White Walkers are not an easy foe. Wights are tough, very fast runners and hard to escape from, but killable with the right skills. Then there are the Famed White Walkers, almost invincible, normal weapons will barely hurt them, perhaps youll be lucky to find some of the mythical Dragonglass on your travels or even better.....Valyrian steel.

Do not expect a walk in the park, this enemy has purposely been made extremely difficult to defeat and the mod is still a work in progress.

I have also included the option to play as them with an alternate start although they are very OP and that’s just for a bit of fun if you feel like becoming a super OP character.

Very powerful but brittle, it will break after a few hits and is automatically repaired after the battle, use it wisely, acts a throwing dagger or spear with very short range, youll need to get close to them and aim for the head, will kill most White Walkers in a single hit or two if you hit the armour first.
Current list of dragonglass weapons:
Dragonglass Spear
Dragonglass Dagger
Dragonglass Arrows.

Valyrian steel
Even rarer, some dont believe it exists, very rare and powerful, it will help you defeat the White Walkers in combat.
Current list of Valyrian steel weapons:
3 Variants of 2 handed swords.
3 Variants of 1 handed daggers.
4 Variants of 1 handed swords.
2 Variants of 2 handed axes.

Ice Weapons
Only White Walkers use these and the only way to obtain them is to use the alternate start detailed below in installation, very deadly and OP.
I don’t like the appearance of these weapons right now, once it’s possible to import models into the game when the mod tools are released these weapons will then receive a Visual Overhaul.
Until then, the models Ive found in the game files will act as a placeholder.


- Adds new Wight units, as well as the factions from the show. Split into The North, The South, White Walkers, Baratheon, Dorne, Targaryen (dothraki and unsullied), The Night's Watch and The Vale.

You can now summon wights in battle, to summon them you first need to kill some enemies and can then use the thrown spell to summon wights at the target location based on how many enemies are dead, they also will be added to your party after the battle.
MAX: 10 per summon, but as many can be summoned by as many magic items you can carry. WARNING: Do not use in large battles, there is a unit limit on the game that can NOT be bypassed, this will crash your game if you summon too many, it also does not always happen instantly, sometimes the game takes a while to realise but it will crash!
Also only use ammo for magic that is in it's description or it wont work correctly.
Warging- You can summon flocks of ravens to knock your enemies to the ground
Fire Magic - Various spells from a firey blast, a continuous fiery conflageration with short range to the bombs the children of the forest use.

Magic can be bought in trade menu, it is also included in the White Walker Alternate Start, just remember your not the only one who can use magic........including the White Walkers.

- Adds and changes all Sturgian heroes to white walkers, even the females and their leader is now the Night King, also buffs them and their weapons, you can defeat them without special weapons but its very hard, overwhelming them might be the only option or a powerful throwing weapon, Dragonglass and Valyrian Steel should kill them in one or two hits if hit in the head, it has special damage modifiers to do more damage than the stats show.
White Walkers are also armed with throwing spears as well as close combat weapons, they are highly powerful ice spears. But apart from that they have very few if any ranged weapons, use this to your advantage.

- Giants added, both living and undead. Undead are slightly tougher.
Giants are very slow, very hard to kill and do massive damage, they are also very expensive to recruit and feed but are worth the investment most of the time, just dont let them get surrounded as they can be overwhelmed, they are basically the tanks of designed to soak up damage but using tactics you can run circles around them and shoot them if you get the chance.
Giants will also appear in villages located in the North only, and the character creation screen is bugged as the only way to add the giants i could find was replace some of the children models with a larger size, so this also shows up in the character creation screen.

-New items and weapons, Dragonglass, Valyrian Steel and new ICE weapons as well as some EXTREMELY rare Valyrian Steel shields.

-New skins and hair and eyes, become a White Walker in character creation and slaughter any men that cross your path, however it will be fairly easy as the Wights and White Walkers are pretty OP.

- Custom start for playing as a White Walker, to use it, start a new game, Select "The White Walkers" then continue until you reach the screen where you choose your starting gear, then select skirmisher to see that you will now start with the White Walker weapons and armor.

- Troop trees changed and overhauled, The North have giants as their special rare unit and Southern Kingdoms have King's Guard.

-A few things are placeholders until models can be imported, until then I have used assets that fit the best.

Trailer here:
Anybody else experienced crashing when entering a battle
I was messing with giants by changing skins.xml min_scale="x". But I noticed my hit box was about the same as what a regular persons would be. I was stabbing a giant in the face, but it wouldn't hit. Have you noticed this?
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