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Is this a good idea?

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Okay so as everyone knows Castles and Towns have prosperity which is pretty much population as the higher it is the more they eat. I propose a that their is a option to recruit a Levy into a army using prosperity.

1st you have another army option in towns called "Raise the Levy" which will allow you to command a army of Levy troops equal to your own party size limit. So you can have 100 Troops you can have 100 Levy in the Levy Army.

2nd These Levy troops will come from your town/castle prosperity at 3-4x the value. So say you raise 100 Levy that will take away 300-400 Prosperity.

3rd The prosperity will be returned to the castle/town for each surviving Levy troop at the end of the Levy armies 2 week or 1 month term. So 40 Levy live you will get 120-160 Prosperity back.

4th their will be 2 types of Levy troops, Levy Infantry and Levy Archers and they will be equipped as they would be historically. So Levy Infantry will always spawn with a Lower tier shield, and side arm of some kind(Axe/Sword/Low tier Mace etc...) as well as maybe a Lower tier Spear. Levy Archers will get a low tier bow 2 quivers and a (Axe/Sword/Low tier Mace etc...) And both types can be wearing Padded Cloth/Leather armour types.(Nothing fancy as they are just Levied Peasents, Heck some might even bring Scythes To war)

5th They'll be feed from your food stocks just like your troops(Perhaps less?) but won't cost much in pay or anything Idk yet. Maybe a choice to pay or not(at the cost of morale?)

Idk just something I was thinking about that would be interesting to have in game.


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They are already struggling with battle sizes having more trash troop wont help, it's not a bad idea as could also help keep prosperity down but with the current restrictions on battle sizes just more battles where troops get feed in badly
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They are already struggling with battle sizes having more trash troop wont help, it's not a bad idea as could also help keep prosperity down but with the current restrictions on battle sizes just more battles where troops get feed in badly
Struggling with battle sizes?

Yeah I was thinking itd keep prosperity down and be useful at the same time rather than just kicking a ton of people out to lower Prosperity

Yes more destruction and death in Caldaria!!!!


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I like the idea of a levy though the rest of the recruitment system would have to altered somehow to fit round it. It would be nice if the levy represented a war resource that restricts constant wasteful war declarations. Lords would have to back off and let their towns recover if they want more recruits for the next war. The Light's Prosperity mod kind of approaches this. When you recuit troops they costs prosperity from the town and higher prosperity means high tier troops and higher quantity of troops, you can't return them to get prosperity back though.

I'd change the troop tier and recruiment system to represent the different social class and professional level of soldiers in fuedal armies as follows.

Levy - Levies can only be raised for war and are demobilised afterwards according to kingdom decree. You could pass a decree that forces levies to stay in service longer at the cost of settlment loyalty for example. These troops have their own tier list that can be upgraded but goes no higher than tier 3, are recruited at a tier appriopate to the level of training in the town and use weapons appropiate to their culture. They command pitiful wages, if any, and have fluctuating morale depending on decrees, leadership, state of events and settlement loyalty. Raising levies takes away prosperity which lowers tax income which can be brought back to normal by returning your levy alive not mention hurting your reputation if you keep getting everyones familes killed. Throughout a war some levies may offer to become regular troops by being upgraded into the relevent tree like bandits.

Men-At-Arms - These are troops you have right now in the game. They are your standing army who command good wages, have good morale and stick with you at all times. Recruitment should made more scarce to give a bit more room for the levies in the army but more should be done to make sure lords preserve these guys so that they can get levels and properly make up the highly skilled core of the army rather than be a pile of random units at random tiers.

Nobles - The nobility or otherwise the richest and most well equipped men in your army. Their recruitment could depend on your culture or decrees whether they work as elite soldiers for very high wages, are levied as their noble responsibility for war or give their services to the highest bidder or the most popular leader or all of the above. Typically to get these guys in any good number you need to own land as a vassal at the least.

For all this the prisoner system ought to be changed as well so all prisoners are ransomed directly to their employers and return to their homes when freed. This would help with retention of elite troops which otherwise dissappear as far as I know, maybe an alchemist turns them into the denars you ransom them for.