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The Legacy (How will this mod continue?)

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Sergeant Knight at Arms
Hey Guys, some people already asked me how the mod is going and if I make any progress. So, I will explain now why I can't work on the mod atm:

First of all, I have my final exams getting closer and closer, so I have to learn, learn and learn. No time to throw a knife in someones back. Surely you will all understand that my final exams are more important for me than any of the mods I am working on.

And the other thing is, that my PC is broken again, I can't start it. I don't know exactly why and use a part of my free time to find out what is wrong with it, but I have not that much time to fix it directly now. So it will take some time until I have acces to the mod again (and access to Warband, that ****ty Laptop I'm working on is not good enough for Warband... mysteriously, Mass Effect 2 works fine, without any problems on a good graphics level.)

So, now how will this mod go on? In August, I'll start working so I will not have as much time as I had during school, but that will not be a problem for my mods. I will continue working on them and adding more content. So this mod is not dead, no way. I will continue work on it as soon as possible. But I need you all to understand, that Race Wars Bloodshed is more important for me than Assassin Hunt, as Race Wars is a bigger mod with much much more content. So I will focus on Race Wars, not Assassin Hunt. Yes, that means the updates will come even slower then they are coming atm, I'm sry. But the version as it is atm is good, it just needs some finetuning here and there and some more spicy things like cool maps with cool features and events.

OK, I hope everyone is fine with that, you have no chance to change anything on it anyway... :wink:

edit: Still looking for a cool Assassin-like title for the thread, similar to the ones from the other important threads here. But I really have no idea, so: suggestions are welcome :wink:


you say your searching for an new Assassin-like title....well i have a few suggestions if i dont where i sould excuse me im new here....
1.The Brothers of Shadow
2.The Dark Brotherhood
3.The Silent Blade
More will be coming


Sergeant Knight at Arms
No, you got me wrong. I don't need a new name or something for the mod, I just mean a topic name for this topic. Like the Download Topic has the "Join the Assassins" or the thread about the video is called "Assassins in Motion". Something like that for this thread. That was nothing for the mod and it is not important to find a title, but I like the way we are doing it, giving the topics unique titles and not calling them "download", "Bugs", "Screenshots", "Suggestions" and so on. I hope you understand what I want to say :wink:


Sergeant Knight at Arms
OK, got more news for you:
I'm very very sad to announce that this mod will not be developed any further, the next version will be included in Race Wars Bloodshed and there, I will continue work on it. The reason is the following: I recently started working (you know, the thing you earn money for) and thus have not much time do anything. And as I always said, Race Wars Bloodshed is much more important for me than Assassin Hunt, regarding that I was not planning on adding the tdm Game Mode into this anyway, I already did much for this mod and need to focus on Race Wars more, as it has been a long time already since there were news from Race Wars. I hope all of you can understand this, I need some money too :grin: And Assassin Hunt unforntunately can't earn me money...


Dear Patta

Do what you find best. I just beg you not to let the hunt and the hunters die out. This concept (and all the marvelous work already done on it) is far too great to ever sink into the land of forgotten memories. I am sure many fans just like me would be willing to wait an entire year if needed. But I beg you not to let this magnificent mod (/concept) slip.


I don't really care if this specific mod dies, but if the stuff in this isn't implemented into one of your other mods, I will be a very un-happy forumite  :sad:.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
I can ensure you that Assassin Hunt will be in one of the next releases of Race Wars. Probably not in the first open beta version, but in the second one. There's many work to do on it to make it even better in Race Wars and even more fun.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
I just sent the module system to Darth Taco, who would like to continue with this awesome mod :grin: I hope he can do it, and I hope he'll find people to play. Maybe (but only maybe, I can't promise) you'll see me on the servers from time to time, when people are playing again. I'll give moderation rights to Darth Taco in this forum (probably).


This is great news. I've seen some of DarthTaco's work and he is a very capable modder. I hope we will see this mod back on anytime soon.

Cheers Patta. Good luck with the Unreal Engine.
Aye, I kind of need a coder for this mod, as the one for my PRIMARY mod (Colonial Conquest: William's War) is busy with that; and small project of his own. I can make models all day long, but if I can't improve the mod at all, what's the point. My main concern is adding some more mission based objectives in game, and re-doing the models.


The mod is oficially dead now.

Pity, this mod had so much potential. It's the one I've had most fun playing by far.
So, I still have the code, and am working on assembling a team right now. It's in a brain-storming phase and there's no guarantees but it's looking good! We'll probably be going under a new name, however. Any ideas as to what you want to see?
Naw, we're still kind of trying to plan it out, work's picked up for me as of late so modding ain't my first priority. The server isn't mine.
Hello are you guys still in need of a coder? I hope so, here is my résumé:


2 weeks of modding Mount&Blade: Warband.
I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but in the video below I show that I have successfully added town walkers to a multiplayer scene that run forwards.



After looking carefully over the module_mission_templates I believe I could add the following features (in order of level of difficulty):
  • Killing town walker bots, counts as a team kill and thus takes 1 off your kill count.
  • Hitting a town walker causes it to become unfriendly and fight back, or perhaps runs and get guards
  • Heavily scripting town walker behavior. So in the video below the town walkers are just moving randomly between entry points, which looks kind of silly as they will often do 180 degree turns. I was thinking of scripting say a quarter of the town walkers to move clockwise around the map, then say another quarter to move anti-clockwise, then say another quarter to randomly stop by shops, then maybe have a quarter randomly run. Then I was thinking of having guards that patrol around the town and maybe adding a feature where if a player harms another agent within a certain radius of the guards the guards attack.
  • Adding a game mode where one side (The Town Guards) must escort a VIP out of a town and the assassins must setup an ambush and kill the VIP.

Will I actually stick with you guys to the bitter end?
This is difficult to prove, but I will say this:
I really enjoyed playing the Assassin Hunt mod, I would love to see life brought back to it. But more importantly, these last couple weeks have showed that I have really enjoyed coding Mount&Blade: Warband. I am not just coding to build a mod I like, I actually enjoy modding and solving problems.

I am willing to contribute to paying for server costs.

What's the worst that could happen?
All I hope to do is have access to the Assassin Hunt module system and just add a few bits of code and maybe a scene, so that some/all of the ideas above can be added to the mod. If you don't like my code you don't have to add it.

Contact info:

Thank you for reading this lengthy post, and best of luck with the mod.
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