The last of the Redcoats

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First of all, thx so much for your time spent in doing a Video for me, about 1755!
I absolutely adore well made vids and is always a beautiful gift that I get, really!  :razz:

In particular, THIS one of yours, adds something that seldom was shown so deeply: the huge fun that U can have doing MULTIPLAYER on your own, using Artificial Intelligence (BOTs) and setting Factions, Troops and Weapons to fight.  :cool:
...most players still don t know that is possible, with my well as Custom Battles and Showdowns (Old Arenas)

In this case it was in BATTLE mode (I LOVE it!!) but U can choose different Fighting Modes.

I enjoy so much to play with my son, often siding against the enemy BOTs (or sometimes leading Armies against each other  :twisted: ) and finally getting few against a lot, fighting to survive....or dieing with honor!

Your Vid was great to transmit the increasing fear to get beaten, man after man....and my "Indians" just know how to scare people, don t they?  :twisted:

Once again, THX a super lot.
At least one time, instead of usual requests to add or change or fix this and that...I got a very nice moment of real GAMEPLAY, shared with all of us!


PS ...I do not usually like that much new Topic on existing matters...but I have no heart to move this to the Vids is too cute.
So I ll leave it here, hoping that U will happen to entratain all of us again, may be...and in the meanwhile, I will add the link of it in the best Vids List here
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