The Korean Custom Server, a petition from our community.

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Our Korean users can play the game normally only if they use VPN because of High Ping Issue like Chinese users.

Korean multiplayers quit Banner MP due to high ping and continued VPN payments and moved to other games, and BannerOnline.

I am very interested in Modding, so I look at the discord and forums. I also asked @Dejan to give us a custom server. But the OC gives and why not us?



Now that developers haven't been able to solve the problem of Official Servers crashing for more than two years, Global Multiplayers must be very tired of hearing about the release of Custom Server.

In August 2021, the Korea Forum held a duel contest for the Korea Forum.

(Video provided by WGS_Gangsour)


Korean Community Discord:
Korean Community Site:

I would appreciate it if you could consider giving it to us as well.

Kind regards, The Korean Multiplayers
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TaleWorlds needs to recognize how many users are playing Bannerlord in Korea and realize that it is desirable to support them. Korean enjoys many online games extensively based on its extremely high Internet penetration rate, and Bannerlord is also part of it. I hope that we can set up a server for these Korean users and become a banner road that grows with them. Also, it is a policy for Korean users selected as a country that has been officially translated among many countries, so it can be actively used for sales volume and promotion of game companies.:xf-smile:


It’s sad to see many korean warband mutiplayers quit bannerlord due to lack of server and all that. the game has lots of potential we do sincerely ask for a server on our own


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While we have no plans to host any of our own servers in Korea, I can say that we will be releasing the custom server files in the near future to allow you to host your own.
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