The Knights Of Vlandia

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Absolutely we pay all over our members an hourly rate of 50 an hour to cover their snack and booze costs and thats just base pay we pay our higher ranking members anywhere from 70-200 an hour based on their performance
I feel like I was ripped off here. All I ever got in warband was steam games and steaks for matches I played in.
On that note GG Rittenhouse


On that note

and you had fietta lol...
6 on 4? wowo and i wasnt there lmao 4-4 kd? Yeah chowski youre really good
lol... we fought you 2 times before hand and ummmmidk who has 30 fps could consistently beat you in a 1v1. if u rlly think you wouldve made more of a difference then fietta youre delusional rofl.. and ya its hard to frag out when youre the caller
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