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The Issue With Not Having Quality Modifiers On Equipment And Jackie Chan Movies

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The issue is that it cheapens gameplay and accelerates progression too fast.

So, we all know that as of right now there are a few things missing in this game. More notably some beloved features from our precious Warband.

The first thing I wanted to cover was the lack of equipment modifiers and quality modifiers in the current state of Bannerlord. Any veteran of Warband remembers that not every weapon was the same. Some were rusted, others bent. Most equipment was 'normal' while a rare few were fine or of masterwork quality. Any veteran worth their weight in salted butter also remembers the thrill of finding the only or one of the only masterworks of a certain piece of equipment. The whole point of the Mount and Blade series is all about starting from the bottom and working your way up, usually with a lot of kicking and jumping just like the plot of every Jackie Chan movie. Without the quality modifiers on the equipment that sense of progression is nullified pretty quickly. There is nothing stopping you from saving up the 9000 Denari (a paltry sum) you would need to buy a tier 6 weapon 2 hours into your 35 hour playthrough. And would you look at that, you now have an amazing sword. One of the best swords. So good in fact that no other sword can really compare and you're now stuck looking through seemingly endless lists of equipment of what I call "side-grades." Equipment whose stats are virtually identical other than some minor changes to help differentiate the weapon from the one you currently own. Congratulations. You've just killed the thrill of progression within your first few months because you already got the best weapon you greedy pig. But hey, what's so nice about the quality modifiers is that yeah, maybe you saved up your allowance and you're looking to head into Iyakis to kick a cat and buy a sword but that sword you bought is rusted, reducing it's ability to slash and stab that kid by the main gate so he just stares up at you awkwardly with his dead eyes and open slanted mouth. Oh, and it also slows down the progression while giving you something to look forward to, a better sword. Now those of you reading this that are sharper than the rusted sword I was just describing probably think that this system may be arbitrary. Well, so are people. We want to be slowed down and to overcome challenges and to go through 100 swords until right towards the final chapters of our playthrough we find that magical piece of equipment or even better, we find it when we need it most and is critical to our story and the ability to progress within it. Yeah we love that ****. So put it in the game Taleworlds.


Modifiers are still in the game. One weapons may be from iron, steel, fine steel or thamaskene steel
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