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My primary focus was Singleplayer like most of the M&B fans within the first month of EA launch but as I observed the development for singleplayer was much slower than I expected, I found myself playing multiplayer (first skirmish then moved on to captain mode after around a month) to pass time while singleplayer is being worked on but there are some massive problems with it regarding afk detection (it doesn't work properly and by the time it should activate, the fight is already over or the player has been found and killed by the enemy team, that makes him protected from the detection) and teamhit/kill detection (should be implemented asap or be disabled completely/reduce the damage output). As for the communication abuse, I don't really think Bannerlord will be well moderated in that regard therefore first of all mutes should be permanent and there should be a blocklist to a limited number that allows the player to pick people he doesn't want to be in the same match or at least not the same team where matchmaking tries to ensure that whenever possible. Also matchmaking shouldn't match parties of 3 or more people aganist a full stack of solo players which mostly produces a very unfair balance since the full solo stack often gets newbies who doesn't quite understand the game yet. There should be a seperate matchmaking for parties of 3+ players imo. Warm-up times should be reduced because in late hours we are forced to wait 5+ minutes for basically nothing and it stacks up for regular players, should be 2 minutes tops imo.
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