The Imperial Legions of Cyrodiil

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The Imperial Legions of Cyrodiil is a Mount and Blade: Warband Clan. Based off of the Imperial Army of The Elder Scrolls, it is known for its iron-clad discipline and ability to coordinate effectively. Although formed relatively recently, the group contained many veterans of the community and is open to those who seek to fight as a team.

The main modules we use are Persistent World and Native, although we do play others such as Full Invasion 2. In addition to Warband, we play various other games as well, including Arma 3 and Stronghold 2. For communication, we make use of Discord and our Steam group to pass information to our members.

Applying to join the clan is simple and easy. All one must do is send an invite to both one of our contacts and our steam group. After being accepted, we will run you through a quick questioning stage and indoctrinate you into the Legions.

Emperor Talos-
Legate Byron-
Centurian Flaca-

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