The History of the Kerz Clan


Sergeant at Arms
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This is the story of the Kerz's trials and tribulations in Calradia. From the slave who defied the Calradic Empire to the nobleman who fought his own brother in bloody combat in the hills of the Swadian countryside in the Calradian War of 1914.

The Story of Yulsef Kerz I
Part I: Arrival

Yulsef Kerz I came over from a land across the sea a poor oarsman on the trading vessel of a very rich spice mogul. He constantly smelled of sweat and destitution, common scents in the bowels of the ship that Yulsef worked on. His hair was jet black and hung down over his pale blue eyes that had the bitter emptiness of one who has only known the hardships of poverty all his life. The only items he had to his name were a stained green tunic which was the uniform of the ship and a pair of patched and threadbare trousers. He knew that this life was not the one that he should be living. One day, the ship was moored outside an Imperial seaport. In the early morning, while the captain was distracted with business on deck, Yulsef dove off of the deck and swam downdrift of the dock for hours. The only sound he could hear over the frantic beating of his heart was the crash of waves as he swam towards the rising sun on the horizon of that crisp November morning in 603 he found himself on a rocky coastline shivering with water dripping from his jet black hair and stubble of a beard. He walked in his dripping tunic and pants towards a thin plume of smoke coming from behind a boulder. There was a group of fishermen chatting and laughing with a small net full of fish next to their cooking fire. Their jovial chatter stopped once they saw this behemoth of a man come walking towards them. He could not speak a word of Calradian, but the ravenous look in his eyes as he spied the net full of fish told them that this was a man who had not eaten anything passing for decent in many weeks. A fisherman who was clearly the eldest of the group reached into the crudely woven net and handed Yulsef a fish the size of his forearm. Yulsef grabbed the fish and was overflowing with gratitude as he skeletonized the fish in less than two minutes. As he sat by the fire, the fisherman taught him some key phrases in Calradian so that he could get by in his new land. Eventually, he was able to say with a heavy gutteral accent "Hello my name is Yulsef." and "I do not speak Calradian" Yulsef had a keen ear for language so he picked up easily on Calradian; he and his newfound associates conversed with relative ease as they walked back to the coastal village where they lived. They belonged to a nation called the Kingdom of Vaegiria. Their king was a man named Verix Admaanan, whom the fisherman described as kind and wise in the matters of his people and vengeful and bloodthirsty in the matters of the "Imperial swine". The Vaegirs harbored a deep and powerful hate for the Calradic Empire. For centuries the legions had dogged them to the point of desperate savagery. They rose up as one massive force that slaughtered the Imperial occupiers in a matter of weeks, driving them from their cities and castles with animal fury. As a boy, Yulsef had often heard his father talk of his days in the wars against rival tribes over control of a specific herd or forest, but the idea of having to reclaim his home from men who lusted only for power and wealth made his skin crawl. He knew that his future in this land was promising.