LSP Medieval 2D Art The Historic Lords Project (Volume 2 Released)

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First and foremost, I hope you're well. I've discovered your great mod not so long ago and I've managed to put in Prophesy of Pendor (I'm not part of their team and I have not put it online).
But I've had to delete some textures with OpenBrf because they were problems with the shaders, the textures itself - they were white with blue squares-  and there are still some others with Tannhauser'items and Floris armor and shield: the game can't apply textures on these items. By deleting the textures, some armor are too bright (I don't know yet why).
To put it in a nutshell, I wanted to know if you still have the original files (if you have time) or if you just can tell me if the problems come from the files put online (I've used Nexus).
Anyway, thanks for your work,

PS: Your ArtStation is great
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