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I need help, i don't understand the thing with the gates, I go into them, but everything is dark, except me, and if I walk to a direction, can only see my troops, anything wrong with it, or was it meant to be like this, and if meant, is there anything important in the gates


This mod is based on the Wheel of Time book series.  It is not required to read them in order to enjoy this mod, but some elements may be confusing if you haven't.  The mod does have a story in that there are scripted events and wars that take place on certain dates.  The gates you are referring to are called The Ways and there are supposed to be like that.  The backstory is that they are a sort of alternate dimension in which roads were constructed to allow faster travel between locations.  Over time they were corrupted and there is a malevolent "black wind" that travels through them ripping away your sanity and life.  There is also a bug that kills you if you walk down the stairs in the Ways so you have to jump down them.  They are best avoided unless you are really powerful.


After much troubleshooting I finally succeeded in discovering why The Wheel of Time the Gathering Storm was not working correctly on my MAC. Once I got it to work, I discovered that the caps-lock would not toggle weaves as explained in the guide, which led to many hours of troubleshooting and foraging for answers.

First problem:

All you need to do is find your "module" folder in your version of M&B Warband. Mine was in steam, so I right clicked on the game, opened properties, then went to the local files tab and opened "browse local files". Boom, finder opens, got my paths epic.

Then I downloaded the "Main file" from Nexus, easy enough, took all of five minutes.

From there you just convert the 7z or zip file to normal and uncompressed, and move the whole folder into the afore mentioned module file of M&B. Now... you thought you were finished...? Not so young wolf pup, you must now open another window and drag the folder called "module_system 1.143_WoT_Mod_0.2.7a" into the folder labled "Data" within that previously downloaded folder called "The Gathering Storm".

Now, young wolf, you are free to claw and bite your way towards the last hunt! Just don't forget to change your module in the steam client to "the gathering storm" or whatever you changed the file lable to.

Now, if you want to burn your foes and see what all this channeling hype is all about...

For you MAC users, if you are having problems getting the channeling system to work
like me, here's what to do.

Once live and in the game, you can go into the "Camp" option from the main menu, then select "The Gathering Storm Options". From there click "Configure Keys" and then it is just a matter of setting your channeling toggle to something other than CAPS-LOCK.

It took me forever to figure this out, i read through almost every page of these forums to find an answer, but nothing helped.

Now that I've actually seen it work, it works like this:

Press and hold the key you mapped, and then little icons will display on your screen and a mouse pointer will appear to allow you access to click on your chosen weave.

From there it is just a matter of using the proper weave for the right situation with your one power item available.

Additionally, there are several tips and hints and explanations available for the individual weaves in those gathering storm options menu.

I hope this helps, it really would have been nice to know all this before hand, but fortunately, The Flaming Wheel bloody weaves as the wheel bloody wills, and it takes it's goat kissing time about it too!

Mother's milk in a cup, I'm done.

Now to go blow something up.

Okay so after reading through the last page of comments, I would just like to say that even though it saddens me that you two are no longer developing this mod, I must thank you deeply for what you have created. Despite this being merely in beta, it has become one of my favorite mods.


Yes this mod is definitly the best thing that has happend to Mount and Blade and it is sad it isn't developed anymore. Brought me many hours of fun great gameplay!

Hopefully this will be picked up somewhere in the future. Till then it is definitly worthy to be played!

Edit: Just started to reread the books today and by getting fired up on the wheel of time again I just need to play TGS again. Just love to ride my own little army through Randland :smile:


BTW: I cloned the git-project and looked into the files.
Is here anyone who has been into modding in M&B before?

I'm looking for a way to add scenes/maps to places.
I've boosted the Shadowspawn by adding more villages in the blight but couldn't find a way to add a scene to the village. Thus if you say "walk around the village" you just spawn on an empty terrain with a bunch of villagers in front of you.
Additional in the new version of the mod, which didn't get released (AFAIK), there are some events/quests around the main-storyline of the books which takes place on the Al-Thor-Farm and Emond'sfield. Both have the problem that you just spawn in an emtpy terrain, too, with all participating parties.
There is already a complete scene for Emond'sfield, thus it shouldn't be that hard to link the scene to the quest.


Dear Community

This topic is a little bit confusing.
Is there any newer Downloadfile than that from 2012.



I put lots o hours in this mod when i found it in 2013, and now i started to listening to the soundbooks while i work and got so excited to play this mod again as i remembered it as a really good one, but alas i guess Father of Lies broke free and killed the devs o this mod, its sad to see no more is done to this one!


Ikaris81 said:
It is great that you have found a solution for Mac. I will also publish your solution on Kırmızı Perfect if it is fine for you:



Certainly the best mod out there, not only for the loving attention to detail in the creation of the factions, units, characters and world map, but most of all due to the outstanding 'magic' system. After your millionth sword swing or arrow, the option of incinerating trollocs or borderlanders with a fiery inferno instead, is oh-so satisfying.

Also, the representation of The Ways is truly inspired and magnificent. So, so impressed.

My only disappointment is now in reaching the Last Battle. Playing on the side of the Dark now proves to be impossible because instead of hordes of darkness descending upon the fearful inhabitants of the land, it is in fact hordes of nations descending upon Shayol Ghul itself. In my game, as marshal for the dark forces, we have some 21 lords at our disposal. The Seanchan alone have 41 and they are but one among some 20-something nations assaulting us. There is a rolling, multicolored horde of lords amounting to over 5000 troops bulldozing the dark-owned borderlands and on its way to smash Shayol Ghul. I guess I really did pick the wrong side haha!

Has anyone else gotten this far and observed the same? Is there any way to give the dark a fighting chance?


In my game there is little gains from either side. I don't think I've seen a city fall after the scripted events took place.

My problem with the mod is that my channellers turn out to be pretty worthless. They are only channel once or twice during a battle leaving all the work to my own character. It is killing immersion for me. Anyone have any tips?
shaelor said:
In my game there is little gains from either side. I don't think I've seen a city fall after the scripted events took place.

My problem with the mod is that my channellers turn out to be pretty worthless. They are only channel once or twice during a battle leaving all the work to my own character. It is killing immersion for me. Anyone have any tips?

Order them to stand still at the start of each combat and then advance them 10 paces at a time till the enemy is within sight. That way they won't take out their melee weapons and charge in, and they'll be forced to use their weaves. I usually divide them into a separate category, but you could also add them to the archers category. One important thing to note is that they are not very careful with any allies in front of them, so if you have some poor peasants as infantry that are charging ahead, they might get cooked by the fireballs.


That and turning down combat speed seems to have done the trick! Unfortunatedly the other problem seems harder to fix. I saw that someone had edited the scripts to get the AI to elect marshals and start conquering towns. But it seems unclear how to do it and if it works. Anyone that succeded that could help?


Nevermind my last post. With some help from google and a little bit of trial and error I managed to edit the mod and it seems to be working as I intended.

Great mod, very recommended for any fan of the books!  :twisted:


Hey, i'm reading Wheel of Time and probably i'll finish it in january, maybe february. So i'm thinking about trying this mod after reading all books. But...

Is it not too easy? Becouse of magic. I watched this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nmeUrwosGo&index=2&list=PLgJwm8vOETzioXpCbG3Ga9NnsQKPyS4_8
and it looks cool, but - at the same time - easy and boring... What do you think?
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