The Game lacks intrigue and it has so much potential for it! I made a list of suggestions

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There is currently to few reasons to interact with the characters in the game. If there were more ways to communicate with them and influenciate their actions with dialogue I believe it would improve much the middle - late game.

To make caravans more usefull and interesting it would be nice if we could ask the merchants what were the prices of things on the place where they from came and the answers some times would be false or contain incomplete information (the odds being based on your relationship). We should be able to pay for better information on trade deals, relationships among nobility of other kingdoms, if there are any battles around, and routes of other caravans and armies.
We should also be able to feed them false or real information on the same things. If the merchant receive confirmation on the info you gave you gain friendship with them. Even if you original intent was a lie, if the guy got it he is satisfied.

Those exchanges of information could affect the direction that the caravan will go therefore you could convince them of better places to trade or not go in a certain town. If you had enough relationship with enough caravans it might help shape the flow of comerce.

With the other nobles that walk in the field and go to war it would be interesting if you could talk to them about the things we spoke previously, except the merchant route, since they are soldiers. Ask if there are plans for war or for invanding someone. Warn about somewhere that is in trouble (again the things that are true should improve the relationship). If the noble is in the castle, and talking about the feats you and others have obtained. Speaking with the nobles themselves we should get informations as:
what other nobles are doing or saying about another person;
who hates who and who loves who;
what they are goning to vote for in a specific law or choice of castle and why (it may git you a chance to try to change their vote later).

You should be able to talk to other lords and try to convince, bribe or negotiate with them to change their vote for a specific law

In the villages you should be able to get the following information:
ask who passes there, (lords , bandit, caravans);
if there is a caravan that regularly passes there;

You should also be able to scare the villagers by saing that someone is planing to invade or that there are armies comming, make them angry at the lord by saying that he has spoken poorly of them or make them like more of the lord by saying that he has spoken well of them; ask what do they think of their lord. Again, your credibillity is based aroud your relationships with the locals and of the locals with their lord and if they are pleased with their situation or not.


With all that information above you could use that to make negotiation cheaper, spread around that the Lord with which you want to negotiate is a great guy, he will feel more at ease, make that merchants are less likely to go to his town, he is a worse negotiation position, and finally choose someone with high affinity to negotiate.

The king should be able to choose a diplomat to handle a specific diplomatic situation, like negotiations for peace in a war or a treaty of commerce that would affect the whole kingdom. You should be able to ask, once you have your own town, to negotiate with other kingdoms.

It should be possible to make treaties like these:
-That Allow The exchange of vassals and armies with other kingdom for training -> allow your soldiers to evolve like the other army people, raises the relationship with the other mercenaries and your vassals. Faster training of certaing abilities.
-That Allow Sending a vassal to make contact with the other country and offer his services temporarely ->This would require that you at least know the lord to which you will send your vassal, that they accept, unless you are negotiating with the king, he can send your vassal to any lord, and you have to determinate the time the exchange will last. this would allow the vassal to make friends with people from the other kingdom and to understand them better. So in futures negotiation it maybe easier. They would be able to also send their vassals to be with a lord of your kingdom.
-Limit the passage of certain goods from their territory in to your kingdom -> anyone that enters the kingdom with those itens may have them aprehended by any authority.
For giving preference that a certain product go to a specific town -> they would make a compromise of sending a certain amount of a product every x amount of time you will decide and the town comitis to not paying lower than y.
-Limiting the amount of a certaing product of the other country can enter in a specific town;
-Forbiding the other country's troups from entering in your kingdom;
-Allowing a limited number of troups from the other country entry in your country;
-Self defence treaties, if one other country attacks yours all signataries have to go to war too.
-Preferential entry for caravans from your country.
-Defence of your country's caravans when they are in the other kingdom. -> they will be protected from bandits by the other kingdom army as if they were from their kingdom.

Of course then you would have to delimitate the consequences of not fuffiling the deal and what would you use to bargain to get the deal. You could use previous agreements you made as a punishment for a break of contract, war in the last instance, ceasing commertial negotiations that may

You should be able to hire bandits or mercenaries to attack on specific areas that caravans and civilians taking their product to feed the town often pass. This should influentiate the economy of the main town a bit at least.

Before making a deal you should be able to talk to people involved about it and discover their opinions, and try to change with other infos you have and with charm.

You should be able to hire spies.