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The game crashes in middle of any large battles!

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so while the battle still going, there is always a point when the game crash in it, it is extremely random
i tried playing the game without ANY BATTLE RELATED MODS, but the problem is still there
i tried changing the settings to 0 ragdolls, no corpses, and the crash is still a problem
i tried 1.6.0, and no change, i tried 1.6.1 (where they say it fixes large battle crash) but with no avail!

i have never enjoyed this game like i did with this save game, but now i can not fight, at all,


i only use these mods:

Harmony, and what is its requirement...
Recruit right away
Righteous Executions
Buy Troops (not overhaul)
Party Screen Enhancements


Two of those mods are likely not compatible with 1.6.0/1.6.1, such as Recruit Prisoners Right Away (game version 1.5.6) and Buy Troops (game version 1.5.9) so I'd say it is probably one of them.
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