The extent of sieges, how far could it go?

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I haven't looked around in the modding scene, so I don't know if this has been discussed by modders and developers alike, but I have always wondered the extent at which sieges can be stretched. Currently we only have an entire scene, but one fixed location for the attackers and defenders which makes the entire assault rectangular/one directional.

Is it possible to increase the amount of siege equipment and the entire deployment zone of sieges to 360* for the attacker if all modding tools were allocated to their fullest, or is there some sort of soft/hard cap which would prevent anyone from doing so?

on another topic, I've seen it done for Warband i.e. gekokujo and other mods where units could've been placed on a plethora of wall locations for multiple layer sieges which I found very intriguing, currently in Bannerlord units only use the first layer of the wall, while completely disregarding any inner layer that come afterwards. aside from AI's lack of integrity when it comes to pathfinding, what is the extent this could also be pushed?


red ladders, red arrows = attacker movement, blue = first layer of defence, green = second layer of defence and yellow= last defenders retreat to keep battle. ect ect.

there an abundance of large and small maps like this that would really benefit from expanding the scale of the siege, especially some of the Battanian towns which are shaped rather conveniently with lots of makeshift bastions, many vantage points and fortifications inside the streets itself. (makes me curious whether Taleworld's had plans for these, or whether they are completely artificial by scene-makers)

This is what I idealised Bannerlord sieges would be akin to before its release, with a more spread out layout with both attackers and defenders more scattered around the map, where mob-pit clusters in one choke point don't exist as they do in Bannerlord right now, this of course would provide and unspeakable amount of depth and strategic significance.
I would like multi-directional sieges like Total war sieges, as well as multi-layers of defense.

Having an enemy sneak over the back wall is a good option.

But think of the coding and AI programming it would require.

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I think everyone would like this. But I’ll settle for a narrow street defence after the walls and gate are take
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This would be incredible and could lead to lot of possibilities to play a siege. It could litteraly extend life lenght of Bannerlord. If you also think about all the different wall level, you could add an other layer of replayability. But hey ! Siege are still not fixed in vanilla game :whistle: ...


The soft cap would probably be the hardware of the players, you'd have to have a greater, detailed scene, more soldiers to fight at it at the same time and so on.

And optimization can only go so far.

But in general a good idea.


They can't even make the attackers climb ladders yet, don't get too crazy with any siege ideas...


They can't even make the attackers climb ladders yet, don't get too crazy with any siege ideas...
My expectations for development are beyond below, but they will definitely "fix" sieges at some point, question wasn't necessarily about how Taleworlds could improve sieges or fix them, but how far it could be stretched before the engine collapses on itself.

the amount of siege towers, siege rams (multiple gates?), ladders, deployables and deployments/zones could ideally be allowed.


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Multi-layered sieges, street battles with chokepoints, multiple directions to attack from, playable devastate/pillage missions etc.
This would make sieges so much more than what we have right now, it's one of my biggest issues with the game that they are just this bland, there is no variety or different approach you can make to them and every siege plays the same, so essentially, after sieging your first castle/settlement, you've experienced all there is and would you look at that, there are a TON of castles and settlements to siege so have fun grinding the same stuff over and over again without getting an aneurysm, only thing different is the "dressing" around. I would love some depth, some choice in how we approach sieges, but I wouldn't count on TW adding this stuff.
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