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MP Other The Expletive Pack: A Sound pack for the Black Watch Class

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This is a sound pack put together by myself, which replaces the original Scottish shouts of 'Scotland forever!' or 'Bydand!' They are perfectly decent shouts, but I longed for a true sense of what Scottish people would really say about their French counterparts during battle.

A short video which displays the new sounds:

Download link:

Move the sound files from the download into your Napoleonic Wars Sound folder, not the Native sound folder. Replace all of the original files.

WARNING: The pack contains extremely harsh language. If you don't find the sounds funny, then it's probably not for you.
This is brilliant, it is glorious. Have you considered using "It's ****E being Scottish!" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1tJJO_pVvQ)?
Need to get some Jamie stuff in there if you're using stuff from the thick of it

Awesome Job mate!  :grin:                  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DGyl_o_QtY&feature=plcp        -tribute video I made
I obtained the sound that I wanted, and refined them with a random free sound editor.

Then if you to your Steamapps foldier, find Mount and Blade, modules, Napoleonic Wars, and look for the 'Sounds' folder in there.

I gave my sound files the same name as the real ones in the Sounds folder, and replaced them with my ones.
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