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1: Stay on-topic. This board is for discussion of Solid and Shade, and to a lesser extent, modding in general. There are other sections of the forum for other things.

2: No religious discussion. Keep it fantasy please. I don't care if you pray to Buddha or sacrifice virgins to Baal (the latter being more appropriate of course). I have a responsibility to the growth and development of this subforum and the mod itself - this includes what I can do to prevent somebody's mommy from telling them they have to stop playing my mod for dumb reasons.

3: Suggestions are welcome, questions will be answered, criticism will be considered - outright insults, like the ******* who posted on the M&B Repository about my Rust the Wheel mod, will NOT be tolerated. You will be told off succinctly and banned from posting in this subforum. This is your only warning.

4: This is NOT a democracy. I will follow my own direction, and let me tell you, they would have to make a new kind of compass to understand it. Yet it produced this mod. Just go with the flow. Don't hesitate to point something out or make suggestions though! I truly consider what people post about my mod.

5: Have a dreadful good time! I hope you all enjoy playing Solid and Shade as much as I enjoy making it. The roots of this mod actually go back to a resource-gathering board game I designed some five years ago, which I called "Necrolord". I might post the rules here some time, just for fun.
Not open for further replies.