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The Weekend Cup™️ is a direct successor to the [WWC] Warband Weekend Cup.

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The European Weekend Cup™ Rules

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The European Weekend Cup™


  • The Weekend Cup™ is the direct successor to the [WWC] Warband Weekend Cup.
  • It is a small tournament that involves four clans/teams and is played during one Weekend.
  • Semi Finals are played on Friday or Saturday.
  • Sunday or Monday are the days for Final and Third place matches.
  • Main goal of this tournament is to have fun, but also try your best against quality teams. It will also be tournament that will give chance to newer teams to play competitive scrims against more experienced Bannerlord clans.
  • Throughout the duration of Bannerlord's Early Access stage The Weekend Cup™ will remain a tool for the developers, players and general competitive BL community to experiment and test game's classes, factions balancing, match formats, equipment and perks in the competitive environment.
  • After Bannerlord's full release, The Weekend Cup™ will change back it's competition's format to the more traditional and standard WWC ruleset (more of which will be announced as we get closer to Bannerlord's full release).

Tournament Rules

[1] Match Organizing
  1. Semi Finals matches must be played on Friday (Friday is only available if both teams agree to it) or Saturday. It is up to the teams involved to agree on the exact time of the match.
  2. Winners of the Semi Finals will fight in the Final that must be played on Sunday or Monday (Monday is only available if both teams agree to it). It is up to the teams involved to agree on the exact time of the match.
  3. Defeated Semi Finalists will fight for Third place on Sunday or Monday (Monday is only available if both teams agree to it).

[2] Roster Rules
  1. There is no limit to the roster.
  2. It is strictly prohibited for a player to play for more than one team during one Weekend Cup™ edition.
  3. However, for the duration of Bannerlord's Early Access stage, players are allowed to form new teams/clans or play for different teams/clans in different Weekend Cup™ editions. Throughout this period players should consider every edition of a Weekend Cup™ as a new tournament.
  4. Team Captains must submit their roster by 23:59 (11:59pm) on Thursday night (GMT time zone).
  5. Captains must submit player's Steam IDs when signing their members for roster.
  6. You can use only the players that are on your roster.
  7. Players must play with the name they are signed up under in the team roster.

[3] Match Rules
  1. There are no class limits in The Weekend Cup™. Example: All cavalry or all archers team is valid.
  2. Matches will be played in Bannerlord's Skirmish mode, through the in-game's clan system.
  3. All matches will be played on a European server unless both teams agree otherwise.
  4. Each match consists of 2 sets played on each of 2 maps, thus 4 sets in total. After the first set on each map the teams will swap spawns and factions.
  5. The winner of the match is the team with the higher number of rounds won at the end of the 4 sets
  6. In the event of match being tied after both maps have been played, Tiebreaker Set rule will apply.
  7. Tiebreak Set is a single set that is played one the Town Outskirts map with Mirrored factions (Vlandia) for both teams. Winner of the Tiebreaker Set is the overall winner of the match.

[4] Gathering Players
  1. We strongly recommend that the teams should gather earlier (at least 15 minutes) than arranged match time so that Duel, Map and Factions picking can be done on time.
  2. This way the actual Skirmish match should be starting at scheduled time.
  3. Both teams have 10 minutes to gather their players and make/join a clan match. If a team fails to turn up by 10 minutes after the agreed match start, the other team must contact an admin immediately and will be awarded a default win.
  4. Teams are not obligated to wait more than 10 minutes between maps and sets and should contact an admin if there is a prolonged wait.

[5] Maps & Factions
  1. First map:
    1. After sign ups are closed we will reveal 2 fixed maps that will be played in the coming Weekend Cup.
    2. One of these fixed maps will be played in the Semi Final matches and other fixed map will be played in the Final/Third place matches.
    3. These maps are fixed and they must be played in the matches.
    4. Fixed map will always be played first in the match.
  2. Second map:
    1. Duel will decide who picks the second map and first faction on that map.
    2. The second map must be different than the first map of the match which is called the fixed map.
    3. Two chosen (by the team captains) players will duel for the chance to pick the second Map.
    4. Duel will be best of 5. Or in other words first duelist to win 3 duels is victorious and their team will pick the second Map to be played in the match.
  3. Duel Rules:
    1. Duels will be played on a European Duel server unless both teams agree otherwise.
    2. Vlandia faction's Voulgier class is used in the duels.
    3. Voulgier's class Sword and Shield perk must be selected.
    4. Upon spawning duelists must drop all the additional weapons and shield except the one handed Western Short Sword.
    5. Only Western Short Sword is used in the duels.
    6. After the Duel is over teams will proceed to select the factions for both maps.
  4. Factions picking:
    1. Team that lost duel will pick first faction for the fixed map. Team that won the duel then picks the second faction for the fixed map.
    2. When the first map is over, winner of the Duel will pick second map and first faction for that map. Team that lost the Duel then picks their faction for the second map.
    3. Factions may not be mirrored, nor may they be reused on the second map. Example; This basically means that if Aserai and Battania were played on the first map, then on the second map you can only pick from the four remaining factions: Empire, Khuzait, Sturgia or Vlandia.
    4. In case of the Tiebreaker Set being played, faction for both teams will be Vlandia.

[6] Reporting Match Results
  1. Before the result of the match can be confirmed team representatives must post the outcome of the match.
  2. It would be nice if screenshots from all the sets could be posted. That way we can archive them, use them for stats and maybe pick the Most Valuable Players (MVP).

[7] Cheating & Punishments
  1. It is strictly prohibited to modify the game files or implement modifications in order to gain significant advantage over opponents | e.g. aimbots, wallhack or autoblock. Every player that is found to have modified files or is using game modifications will face permanent ban from all the future The Weekend Cup™ tournaments.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to enter an unintended area of the map (glitching). Any player that is shown to have been glitching during a tournament match will face disciplinary action at the administrations discretion, up to and including a ban from the tournament.
  3. If a player is found to have broken any of the rules during a match and the admins determine that a significant advantage was gained, that player's team will forfeit the relevant rounds. (*'significant' in the technical sense of 'potentially possible to measure').
  4. It is strictly prohibited for a player to play for more than one team during one Weekend Cup™. If a player is found multi-teaming he or she will face 3 months long ban from all The Weekend Cup™ tournaments.

[8] Admin Team
  • If you have any questions (rules, signing up your team...) about The Weekend Cup™ feel free to contact us here on TW or on Steam and we will be more than happy to answer them. In case there are disputes (we honestly hope there won't be any) between the teams one of admins should be contacted. Below is list of admins with contacts and their tasks:
  • Erminas - Head Admin | Contact Erminas if you wish to sign up your team or you need rules clarified. Basically anything about The Weekend Cup™ I am here to answer.
  • Viglaf - Head Admin | Contact Viglaf if you need rules clarified or if you need any tournament related questions answered.
[9] Credits
  • Last but not the least we would like to thank the following:
  • Huge thanks to BEAST organizers and Aeronwen in particular for some of their rules we are using in The Weekend Cup™ as well as for being a general inspiration when writing our own rule set.
  • Erminas for The Weekend Cup™ logo.
  • ChatNoir for legendary WWC logo that was the inspiration for our new one.
  • Chowski for our TW group's cover banner's art.
  • Aeronwen for some adminship resources we use.
  • Piconi for Maps images we use.
  • All my fellow DoFs for being great bunch of guys & girls.
  • TaleWorlds for working on making Bannerlord better and better.
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