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Hello, I've been looking around but really couldn't find anything.  Could anyone give me a primer on how the engineer works?  How to gather resources, what the purpose of the shovel and axe are, and how to build stuff would be fantastic (for example, I couldn't build an explosive crate today despite the fact I had 6 resources)!

Thank you.
No need to gather resources, rightclick with hammer out to choose something to build. Shovel used for earthwork only keep digging in that spot by hitting it. Hammer used for everything else. Smack it to build it. Hold F to ignite the explosive crate.
Arright, so the axe is pointless?

And how do I gather the resources in that case?  Do they regenerate or something?

The Official NW Manual that Vince recently posted. Page 31 has information on Sappers/Engineers. Hope that helps a bit.
The Axe causes alot more damage then say a bayonet would against doors (in sieges for example) and against props such as wooden spikes etc.
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