the easiest and hardest charterer creation choices to play with 25.13c.

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I played this mod multiple times with a number of different character creation choices and every character creation choice has it's own effects on your game (that is one of the most important features of this mod and what make it so fun and unique to play). some character choices have great benefits while others have some consequences, I will show you some of them.

this is my personal opinion if you have another opinion then I will be happy if you share it with us in a reply :smile:

WARNING: this might spoil a lot of gameplay for you, so don't read if you want to discover them on your own.
you born as (boy/girl) that doesn't effect the S&S gameplay.

your father was : well this does have impact on your game but not so great.

A mortion: give you the coffin nails which are unique to him, allowing him to change blood engine to sludge engine and also infect the egg of the behemoth worm with it to get a better version of the behemoth worm, also allows you to get 10 Preserved undead with a single Formaldehyde.

A fairy: this give you woodlore a unique ability and also this is the best character creation to choose if you plan to go to THE FAIRE.

An anarchist : the only character that can get old cookbook.

An executioner, A taxidermist, A manhunter, A travelling merchant: nothing special in these choices (as far as I know).

Early life as: almost same level of effect as your father.

A gravedigger. : I almost always chose this faster grave robing means faster money grinding and also faster gain of the red death (the second best weapon in the game after Poseidon trident and one of the best armor in game also the ability to bind the world (with red death pledge).

A Monk: good for easy early game xp.

A mummer.: good only if you plan to join the blood fountain early (no Anti-hero) also good source of money.

A fletcher, A page at a nobleman's court: worst case to start with.

what you became in adulthood: Now we speaking this step have a high effect on your game.

A university student: the best way to start a game, Can create up to 10 Putrid undead per Sulfuric Acid. Gathers experience via Man Out Of Time 25% faster, and if you are lucky enough you will start the game with the hand of glory (save grave robing) that mean red death right from the beginning of the game, and if all that was not enough then if you want to became a ghoul (which I always do), then you can create the grye a very tough cavalry which is also great in siegeing  :fruity:

A trobadour: the second best case in adulthood. can play music in cities for money (it's nice to hear them) can create The Bone Lyre which allows you to recruit glatia (I think this is her name) thus can also get the magic carpet from her; moreover, you can give The Bone Lyre to hades and you will avoid the battle with him and also you can get the mask of the rat king and something else from the ghoul in the nord land.

A murderer: the only character that can get the Axe of the black cat which is a very strong two handed axe for easy game start.

A goods peddler, A steppe bandit, A sea raider, A squire or lady in waiting : nothing special(as far as I know).

What make you chose this decision : this step has the BIGGEST effect on your game.

Fanaticism: the best way to start the game if you plan to become an Antihero, starting as this will allow you to get Glatia and the magic carpet without being a troubadour, but the most important you will get the best weapon in the game -Poseidon trident- in lvl 19 and it's a gift of gods so you can have Cerberus and by that you can grind xp to lvl 30 with ease also +6 to all states, but if that not enough when you pledgue yourself to the blood fountain posideon will forsake you and send the kraken to kill you. WAIT this is not bad cause if you knock the kraken down and recruit him from the prisoners put him for a 3 days or so in a garison and then take him back you will have the strongest troop in the entire game! even stronger than Imhotep!!!

Being forced out of your home.: although you Start the game as hated by Praven, King Harlaus, and the Swadian faction. but you will be ablie to recruit Fortunato without Bloodwine, this might be good for antihero character.

Undeath: this might be good or bad depend on what you prefer (for me it's a bad choice) start the game restructured by the great artificer and you will follow a quest for the artificer which ultimately in lvl 19 rewards you with the great artificer set far much earlier than normal (the Relic master reward). but you will be Immune to diseases  that mean you can't be a vampire or werewolf or ghoul in normal means (may be there is alternative way not so sure).

Demonic possession: this also might be good and bad, if it happened that you died in battle (permadeath) then the demon will form death this one time that's a good thing put he will stuck to your face (he is a mask) with I think 40 or 50 armor points. and if you tried to take it off you will die instantly (or it least till you enter a battle) you can get An exorcism from a seer (or if you are a seer yourself) but it's costy and the result is unpredictable.

Blindness: this is the worst state to start with specially if you plan to be an antihero, you will be blind in battle and while taking a walk in town, tavern, etc. You CAN cure it but you will need to be Anti-hero to do so Which is almost impossible to reach lvl 30 while you are blind also you can use the evil eye for partial visibility so I think it's easier to play blind by joining the blood fountain.

Illness: a very bad state to start with you will start the game pleagued by the black death which will kill you in time. there is a cure but the process is so long to get to and there is a high chance that you will die before you cure yourself and even if you were able to cure yourself before it kills you, by the time you cure yourself you will have most of your character attributes lost.