OSP Medieval Oriental The Dracaena Marginata (Kardeş Kanı)

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JackAvenger said:
Will you be able to have your wife as a companion like in Perisno ?

Your mod seems great by the way  :wink:

Yes, it is within our plans and thank you :smile:

Today is a terrible day... After two simple mistake fixed already, we have another trouble right now. Unfortunately we had to delete many building models made by Al Mansur due to the fact that they cause a problem called rgl error. Therefore, we have to edit and remake many scenes. Anyway, it is not the point. The point is that after fixing that error, now we have another error occuring while the game is loading the map files in the second loading screen. The game stops working. We are currently looking for the reasons why we get this error but until now, we couldn't find anything wrong. We will keep you posted. Until we fix the error, the mod development is postponed compulsorily. We will pick up where we leave off right after fixing the error. I am very sorry about that. Have a good night.


Antonis said:
I thought guzel meant beautiful? Anyway, release the mod already!  :razz:

Yes, it means beatiful, nice, good etc :smile: Its 85% is already done but nowadays we've been struggling with some problems that I mentioned with an announcement. So, give me some more time :smile:

BerserkerRezo said:

So I recommend you to download Mamma, Li Turchi! mod after Hun releases it :smile: There will be no Mongol state in this mod unfortunately, at least for beta version.


JackAvenger said:
Do you have an estimation for beta release ?
Wanna try your mod so far  :iamamoron:

Sorry :cry:

Announcement II
As you know, we had an error detering us from working on the mod. We tried to find the reason why we get this error making the game stop working at the second loading screen but unfortunately, we couldn't find anything wrong. That's why we started developing the mod from scratch. This time, the mod will be based on the Floris mod which means it will include all the features of the Floris and more. However, we should state that beta version will not contain all the features such as archer commands, atlases etc that we mentioned before in order to not make you wait more. Also, there will be only 6 states at first. Furthermore, the scenario of the mod will be changed a little. So, we will develop the mod as fast as possible and release it as soon as possible. Then, we will release a pack to add all the features and keep developing for more. There is nothing else to announce for now. We will keep you posted. Thank you for your interest.

By the way, special thanks to kalarhan for helping us in order to fix the error.

Hi folks,

I rethought what to do after the announcement II made by me in the recent days and I regret to announce that the mod is canceled. I was dissappointed after getting an error that we couldn't fix in no way when the mod was almost done. However, I never gave up and started developing it from sctrach by using the Floris as the base and I came a long way actually. But as you know, developing a mod by yourself is time-consuming. If you develop the same mod twice, it's much more time-consuming and I really am overbusy nowadays. That's why I decided to cancel the mod. I am sorry about that. Thank you for your support, interest and patience up to today. I appreciate you for that. You can contact me whenever you want by sending private message on Taleworlds or Moddb. By the way, here you can find some files from the mod as osp. Feel free to use them but don't forget to give credits.

The Dracaena Marginata OSP

Read the text files README and Credits when you download.


3 brf files.



10 sound, 36 music files.



32 scenes.



71 texures.



This is not included by the All In One file.


All In One


Contact me whenever you want.

Have a good day!



Master Knight
I've tried a couple of scenes from this OSP and it seems they don't have IA mesh. Does any scene of the pack have IA mesh?
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