OSP Medieval Oriental The Dracaena Marginata (Kardeş Kanı)

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By the way, we are the second most popular mod of the day in Moddb. Thank you :mrgreen:




BerserkerRezo said:
Maybe this will be a mod that will display Byzantines in their full glory?  :iamamoron:

I don't know what "in glory" means exactly but I can say that the mod is inspired by the historical facts. Therefore, 4 states which are Byzantine Empire, Mameluke Sultanate, Ottoman Principality and Karamanids will be more powerful than the others :mrgreen:


BerserkerRezo said:
I mean "Glory" I mean that they will have historically accurate weapons, armor. towns. lords.

Yeah sure. That's what I'm trying to do for not only Byzantine Empire but also the other states :mrgreen:


BerserkerRezo said:
The mod creator seems to be muted

I'm back :smile:

Lord_Ashenwyte said:
So, how is it going?

It's going good but me and my friends who help me to develop the mod have some lectures in these days, therefore we got slower a little. I hope we can release the beta version until April 1.

Edit: The planned release date can be pushed back according to the suggestions made by other users in any forum. We really consider the suggestions.


SlayerFor said:
Nice mod.

Thanks bro :smile:

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