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Native OSP 3D Art The Door - Warband Modding Contest

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Slowly the snowflakes fell down, covering the roofs of Praven even deeper in its white beauty. The cold turned his breath into clouds and his beard was already covered with a light layer of frost. But today it should be worth the cause. Harlaus laid his hands again on the battlement and leaned over to look down. There the Guildmaster stood, as usual, in front of the keep, taking some rest from his work. A talented man, surely, but there was something about his personality which Harlaus just disliked. Quickly he held out his hand, aimed for a moment and dropped the egg. Then he leaned back and listened carefully. And soon an angry voice started to yell and curse up to to the battlement which told Harlaus everything he wanted to know. Chuckling he turned around and went back inside.
This has not been a glorious royal deed a lord would be dreaming of. It was however a good start into a day which otherwise promised to become as boring as the days before. The snow has been too deep to ride out for a hunt in the Woods of Ehlerdah and even traveling on the streets has become difficult. Would he invite for a feast, hardly anyone would show up. And Harlaus couldn't blame them.
As Harlaus walked back to the inner hall his mind was already troubled again by the thoughts of the council which would come together later the day. His marshall drafted various plans to take back the castles Ergelon and Unuzdaq, and with it territories to which Swadia has never given up its claims. And it had been quite productive discussions up to the moment the rumours started to come up that the Nords plan to take Kelredan in the upcoming spring. Harlaus could again feel the aching in his backhead.
- "Your grace?"
Harlaus startled as a sergeant approached him unexpectedly from behind. He brought himself back to a calm composure.
- "What is it? A merchant complaining? Or again the guild master?"
He could not hide a smirk on his face. Yes, it surely has brightened up his day.
- "They said it is finished and that you may enter through the door."
- "The door?"
- "The door behind which they have prepared the surprise."
- "The surprise?"
- "Your grace may recall the promised present of the tradespeople?"
- "Of the tradespeople? Ah, yes, I remember, I remember. How could I have forgotten about it? Lead the way!"
The sergeant led him downstairs to the aforementioned door at the corner of the lower hall. Harlaus recalled his memories. The tradespeople wanted to gift him a surprise. They even wrested from him the promise that he will wait patiently and not spoil the surprise. And he kept the promise, to his own surprise. Not because he wasn't curious, no, he had simply forgotten about it. Many duties come with ruling a kingdom and often enough he was obliged to travel around in his realm. Now, however, curiosity and also excitement arose in him as to what would await him. And to satisfy them, all he had to do was open that door.

Welcome to a new edition of the Warband Modding Contests. Some of you might still remember the last series of contests a couple of years ago which enriched the modding resources of our community. So I thought it would be nice idea to revive them again, also to show that Warband still offers reasons to play and mod it. As some of you might have seen already at the M&B Modding Discord "The Door" is the first contest of a series which is planned for this year:
  • The Door
  • The Retinue (planned for April/May)
  • The Recluse (planned for Juny/July)
  • The Voyager (planned for September/October)
  • The Tradespeople (planned for November/December)
Each title gives you a slight hint about the theme already but does not reveal too many details yet, to prevent that someone prepares ahead. We will also try to vary the content of the contests as much as possible, so you will see 2D-art, 3D-art and Scening contests. A new form will be the Combo contests at which you will be allowed to work in a duet since you might only master one of the two skillsets needed to face the challenge. Each contest will be revealed in time

Now for some of you the time has come to get in shape again for we are first challenging our fellow 3D Artists to show off their creativity and skill. There are two categories at which you can participate and are free to participate in both:

Submission Start Date: 2nd of February 2022. 00:00
Submission End Date: 2nd of March 2022. 23:59

Indoor Scene​
The tradespeople recreated a room of the keep or in an adjacent house. What kind of room might it have become?The tradespeople crafted an item of interest for King Harlaus, to delight his often troubled mind. What might it be?

Warband Modding Contest Rules:
  • You may only submit your work during the submission time period specified above.
  • Submit only your original work, no derivatives of another asset or asset theft is allowed.
  • By submitting your work to the contest, you agree that it will be shared as open source with all the submissions at the end of the contest, according to the open source license provided here.
  • If you've used assets from TaleWorlds games you must make it known so that the submission can be labelled accordingly (LSP).
Warband Modding Contest Rules:
  • You may submit up to three works for the contest, they'll be treated as separate submissions.
  • Required texture maps are not set. Unless you specify otherwise, we'll use shaders that match your submission's native counter-part for in-game implementation.
  • The texture resolutions must be power of 2 - e.g. 256x512, 512x512, 1024x1024.
  • The mesh must be provided in a .obj or .brf format, with the faces triangulated.
  • Your submission must include a collision mesh in a .obj or .brf format, with the faces either triangulated or quadrangulated (Indoor Scene).
  • You have to post screenshots of your work in progress in at least two different stages of completion, to confirm it is your creation. You are free to post more.
You're also free to upload your work on Sketchfab or similar preview sites if you wish to do so.

Categorie-specific rules:
Indoor Scene​
A collision mesh must be provided alongside the interior mesh. See How to build good collision objects (by mtarini) and some additional info bit here.The object has to fit into an indoor scene of Native Warband such way that it doesn't touch the walls when placed.

Evaluation System
The submissions will be evaluated using a points system, based on their performance in the following three categories: Visuals, Originality and Performance. Once the submission end date is reached and the submissions are closed, the judges and selected testers will review the submissions. The submissions will be reviewed exclusively based on their properties in-game. Read the note in the 'Submitting Your Work' section for more info.

Each of the three judges will submit up to 10 points in the Visuals category and up to 10 points in the Originality category. Performance is a category based on optimisation and performance which can bring you up to 20 points.

Explanation of the categories:

Visuals (20 points)- The visual appeal of a submission, how well the different shapes and features fit into the overall look, and theme of the contest. Enhancing your submission with scripts or particles for in game effects is allowed, but it won't affect your score.
Originality (20 points)- The use of new and original concepts while designing your submission. Generic submissions entirely copied from existing references will be given fewer points. Be creative!
Performance (20 points) - An evaluation of the performance and optimization of a submission:
  • 2 points if all of your texture sheets are from native.
  • 4 points if your texture sheets are 1024x1024 or under, 2 points if your texture sheets are 2048x2048 or under.
  • 4 points - Sensible use of multiple texture sheets.
  • 6 points if your submission's triangle count is under 7.500/1.000 (Indoor Scene/Wildcard Mesh), 3 points if your submission's triangle count is under 10.000/2.000 (Indoor Scene/Wildcard Mesh).
  • 4 points - Evaluation of your collision mesh (Indoor Scene).
  • 4 points - Evaluation of your LODs and/or collision mesh if applicable (Wildcard Mesh).
  • The current theme of the contest allows for various submission sizes and types which is why the judges will have a heavy influence on the performance rating. If the judges feel you could have been more efficient with your submission, the performance rating will be lowered. The Performance subcategories listed above should be therefore taken with a pinch of salt. Judges may also compare your submission to the nearest native equivalent for performance reference. Multiple texture sheets are to be expected with large complex indoor scenes and scene props, the judges will take this into consideration within the performance rating.
Total points: 20 (Visuals) + 20 (Originality) + 20 (Performance) = 60

Judging Committee

The judging committee is comprised of three veteran artists:
  • @John_M - Lead developer and 3D artist of the upcoming mod for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Kingdoms of Arda.
  • @Alphα - 3D and Scene OSP creator and Junior Environment Artist.
  • @lconracl - Community veteran with various 3D OSP packs & tools under his belt, Prophesy of Pendor head developer.
Contest Rewards
  • A benevolent smile of King Harlaus (currently there are none)
Submitting Your Work

You can use the below form to submit your work. If you make any edits or changes after your first submission, it'll be accepted if it is re-submitted within the submission deadline. Name your submission as you see fit, and please try to use a stable file hosting service(Google Drive, Dropbox etc.). Compress your mesh, and the textures into an archived file and upload.

Note: The submissions will be rated and judged exclusively based on their in-game properties. The organizers will implement the submissions in-game as per the rules specified in the rules section. You are not required to use openBrf to send or configure your files. However, you may want to use OpenBrf and implement your work in-game to see how the final result will look like before you submit your work. If you do not know how to do this, you can follow that or any other tutorial in the tutorial section, if you have any questions you can post them here, on the Modding Discord or PM the organizers.
[b]Forum username:
Submission name:
WIP screenshots:
Download link:
Have you used native assets in your submission?:[/b]

By submitting this work I agree to the rules and regulations of this contest.

We are looking forward to see what you will come up with :grin:

Single submission and thus winning the contest: Great Hall by iJustwant2bPure
Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fp3-2Mn_ZLgBw_Hz8Pdnm4Pj6YcBtviO/view?usp=sharing
Link to the submission post for more details: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index...-warband-modding-contest.449911/#post-9788548
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Reserving spot.

Forum username: Wojski
Submission name: TBA
WIP screenshots: coming soon
Download link: coming soon
Have you used native assets in your submission?: idk yet

By submitting this work I agree to the rules and regulations of this contest. And donate my own soul.

You could also have waited until you have it finished :wink:
Yes, I even got an offer to participate from my heartfelt friend. It's really nice that TW appreciates the flower of their community that works pro publico bono for all players...
But why does documentation for BL tools keep disappearing from the web as if it were hosted on a washing machine? Where are the MP tools for people who trust you and now can't finish their projects? Where is the apriopriate communication with the authors of the open letters, which would not be limited to one diplomatic answer? I will consider this proposition very seriously, because I value my friends who do good things...
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Yes, I even got an offer to participate from my heartfelt friend. It's really nice that TW appreciates the flower of their community that works pro publico bono for all players...
But why does documentation for BL tools keep disappearing from the web as if it were hosted on a washing machine? Where are the MP tools for people who trust you and now can't finish their projects? Where is the apriopriate communication with the authors of the open letters, which would not be limited to one diplomatic answer? I will consider this proposition very seriously, because I value my friends who do good things...
This is a community driven contest which got organized by me as a moderator for the Warband Modding Section. I am neither a developer of Bannerlord nor an employee of TaleWorlds. So basically all the points you bring up make no sense here, you are barking at the wrong tree :razz:
The juries will have a hard time deciding who the winner will be. Seems exciting to see all of them uploaded in one day from now.

@Eärendil Ardamírë, have you thought about reducing the number of contests and moving them up the schedule? Warband modding is extinct anyway and it will be more like this in November when the last planned contest begins. I think that one big contest with actual participants and all disciplines possible (scening + 2D art + 3D art + whatever) would be better to end the party and move on.
Sadly no participants at this contest, true. I will look up how I will rearrange the other ones, will however not merge them into one big one.
Sadly no participants at this contest, true. I will look up how I will rearrange the other ones, will however not merge them into one big one.
That is a pity although we have one submission so far. A big MBMC with mini-contests running at the same time like the last competition for Bannerlord (scening + 2D art + screenshots) would be great though.
"prevent that someone prepares ahead"
That would be actually nice to reveal the exact details as soon as possible because no one cares about the contests. There would be no prizes, so there is no encouragement to cheat; it is all for fun. I stick to one big MBMC being better than single contests.
Great Hall
I guess I know who will get a smile from Harlaus himself.
@iJustWant2bPure thank you for your submission. As it is only one entry it would be a bit pointless to assign points, so I will just write my observations.

What I like in your design is that it is very spacious and thanks to that it could be utilised in a various way (obviously as a great hall, maybe common bedroom for a knighthood order etc.). There is a lot of room for the end user's creativity (arrange furniture, NPCs, props etc). A large flat wall is useful as well - I imagine slapping a few flags, paintings or tapestry over it to create a bit of atmosphere.

Textures work well together (carpet on the ceiling - nice), all elements seem to be properly unwrapped (no texture stretching etc.).

Model is not too heavy for the Warband's standards - both visual and geometry aspects are well balanced. I have noticed two small gaps: in the corner and between wall and floor.

Tested collision mesh in the game and it works as intended. It is done correctly as far as I can tell.

All looks good, it is a game-ready model. My only critique would be that wooden pillars which support celling could be a bit chunkier (especially horizontal ones), maybe a bit more elaborate (e.g. __V__).

My overall impression: well done!
Yeah. Nothing to add more than Iconracl said before. Perhaps just adding a bit more structural support to the roof. Feel a bit loose now.
Except from that, looking good mate :smile:
Forum username: iJustwant2bPure
Submission name: Great Hall
Providing my own input, in place of my official judging.

The open nature of the hall provides sceners the ability to turn it into their own, which is highly valuable. Though I think some of the aspects could have been broken up to draw some interest. Something like more complex wooden supports that connect to some sort of column would break up the walls. Warband keep interiors have a tendency to have multiple elevations opposed to a flat floor. Doing the same to some degree could help increase interest with minimal work. A raised "throne" area could help draw focus in the hall, as an example.

Blending the material in the roof with the wooden support is an efficient method for the goal. I like the repeated arch window, it would be nice to have that mirrored to the other side, or something else to take it's place.

Thank you for the submission, a nice piece that I hope will be utilized by the community :smile:
Thanks to @iJustWant2bPure for participating at the contest! My congratulations for winning it! It's a pity that there haven't been more people participating at this one.

This thread will now get moved to the OSP Resources, I hope the new community resource finds usage in some mods :grin:
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