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April 17, 1021. "Caldea still stands!"

Calradia, a land beautiful in its own way and grim at the same time, dotted with the banners of fallen nobles plunged into eternal warfare. It is a land of mighty heroes who raise their blades again and again, charging at the enemy no matter what. From the frozen forests of Sturgia to the hot deserts of Aserai, from the ocean shores of Vlandia to the vast Khuzait steppes, the echo of battles still resonates.

Songs of forefathers can still be heard in the North. Fearless and ferocious Sturgians set sail out of the icy fjords for new spoils and glory. It does not matter to them whether they return or not, for Valhalla already awaits its champions amidst endless battles and feasts.

To the east on the steppes of the Khuzait, the deafening sound of hoofs can be heard . Thousands of riders approach the borders of unsuspecting kingdoms. Upon their horses, making the earth tremble beneath, they will bring fear and destruction, plunging everything around them into darkness, until they conquer the last remaining sea, turning former great states into pastures for their herds.

To the south beyond the sea, the winds stir up the sand of the Nahassa Desert, moving the dunes akin to waves in the ocean. Here lies the richest trade routes and the wisest of elders live. The Shah of Aserai has taken over the whole desert. Soon, like a sandstorm he will unleash his wrath upon the lands of the infidels.

In the West, the noise of the ocean hid a young nation created by the descendants of those who had come to Calradia from across the sea. The Vlandians, once former imperial mercenaries, now engineers raising high fortresses all along the coast. Declaring themselves barons and kings, pursuing their own personal goals and ambitions.

Behind the dense edges of trees and misty mountains lurk unconquered tribes, honoring old traditions and memories of their ancestors. The Battanians have defended their lands for centuries, more than once holding back the legions of the mighty Empire and the Knights of Vlandia. Many armies have found their end in Battania's age-old forests.

The heart of the fading Empire beats faintly ringht in the midlle of Calradia. Republican ideals have proved to be rather fragile. As the Empire grew, more armies were lost in the endless campaigns and more nobles succumbed to the ever ending power struggle. Now torn by the reign of three kingdoms and external threats, it is still more than able to defend itself. But resources are running out.

How soon will chaos engulf the world?

XIIIth Tagma and Hawkband offer you the opportunity to experience a whole new level of Siege battles.

All clans invited to this event are known for their strict discipline and ability to adhere to the rules. There is also no lack of event experience among the participants, so we are confident that the siege will go as well as planned.

This time we want to put an emphasis on strict adherence to all the rules and the superiority of "having a great time" over "having the best score/results".

Do mind, this is a Role-playing event. So if you can, try to play along with your opponents. Sometimes this can lead to some interesting in-game moments.


Provide up to date numbers, that being a number of people you will bring to the event. We want a full server, thus if you can’t be specific, give us a slightly reduced number of potential attendees. There will be more events coming, and everyone will have a chance to participate!


Team 1

Infantry ≈ 10
Archers ≈ 10
Engineers ≈ 5
Team 1
Royaume de

Infantry ≈ 30

Archers ≈ 10
Engineers ≈ 5

Team 2

Infantry ≈ 15
Archers ≈ 5
Team 2
Bataillon Sacré

Infantry ≈ 15
Archers ≈ 5
Team 3
La Légion du

Infantry ≈ 10
Cavarly ≈ 5

Time of the event:
The event will take place on Aipril 17th at 20.00 CET


General rules of the event:
  • Each of the participants of the event should be present in discord 20 minutes before the event. Everyone will have access to a microphone within a dedicated channel, for a particular clan or group. Leaders of subdivisions will be additionally connected to the voice chat system for faster communication and coordination;
  • The administration can change clans between factions to maintain a balance of the commands;
  • For trolling or/and insults you can get a mass complaint;
  • Do not share the password from the server with other participants;
  • Notify the administrators in advance if you can't get enough people for participation;
  • Only captains are allowed to use the in-game chat;
  • Do not use exploits and bugs;
  • The siege will be divided into two rounds on two different maps;
  • Sides switch after each round.

Rules of combat, building and movement:
  • Do not move separately from the squad and engage in battle (while separated) / seize points in the rear on your own;
  • Prior to moving into combat, a squad must assemble under the command of its leader at one of the nearest points or at a distance from active combat in numbers of at least:
    10 - for infantry;
    5 - for archers and cavalry;
    1 - for engineers.
  • In case of respawning in the middle of a combat, the soldier has the right to defend himself;
  • In case of a small number of active participants in the squad, it is allowed to join another squad;
  • In case of the squads' destruction, the soldier has the right to join another squad or continue capturing SINGLE NEAREST POINT;
  • During combat, the squad members must stick close.
We understand that this will be difficult to do on the walls or inside the towers/fortifications, but we're sure that you'll do your best to keep your solders from scattering around the fortress.

The rules for the choice of classes:
You can use any subclasses and loadouts. You can also always change your class to infantry, but in that case you will have to follow the set of rules for infantry.


  • Consists of a minimum of 10 men (including commander);
  • Always keeps a tight formation, except when the majority of squad has been killed.


  • Consists of a minimum of 5 men (including commander);
  • Have the right to move/position in a scattered formation (no more than 5 meters apart);
  • It is forbidden to have skirmishers on two or more far-apart spots. For example: on two different towers.
  • Consists of a minimum of 5 men (including commander);
  • Has the right to move/position in a scattered formation (no more than 10 meters apart).
Engineers/Siege Masters:
  • If the engineer takes the cavalry class he must dismount.
  • Have no right to use any shooting weapons (except throwing);
  • Have the right to move freely on walls and occupy siege weapons;
  • Engineers are not allowed to capture points.

Role play Rules:
  • Squad commanders should be easily identifiable;
  • Squad commanders are to be known, respect their right to a duel of honor;
  • We don’t encourage Skirmishers to target the commanders. Their fate is to die with their equals;
  • The tighter and evener the line, the better;
  • Respect each other. We are all a part of a great community;
  • RP dialogues between commanders are encouraged.

Additional points:
  • The purpose of the event is to create a relaxing atmosphere and a picturesque battle;
  • Make sure the warriors are well acquainted with the rules and abide by them;
  • The clan that performs best in terms of role playing will be featured in our next video. And will also get a small RP prize and the opportunity to choose which faction they want to fight as in the next event;
  • We will compete in discipline, not in skill;
  • During the event we will be very strictly enforcing the rules and making a lot of remarks. Do not be offended by them, they are not intended for that purpose, but rather to improve the level of play and get the most positivity from participating.





Team Name:
Leader Steam ID:
Number of people who will attend:
We  have read and agreed with the rules.

Kalistrat ( TW forum / Steam )
Alexander (
TW forum / Steam )

BlackCount ( TW forum / Steam )

Special thanks to:

Callum, for his help with event organising
NIN3, for in detail consultation
Kalistrat, for thread design, lore
CKyHC, for artwork
Reysai, for Russian to English translation
BlackCount, for drafting regulations

We will regularly update the topic and keep you informed.
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Team Name: Kingdom Of Hordaland
Leader Steam ID: Samu
Number of people who will attend: 20
We have read and agreed with the rules. Yes

Unsure if this is full or not as there are no comments here but will try


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Greetings to all! We've updated the squads and teams information, added map images, and slightly optimized the rules. We look forward to hearing from you links to your broadcasts, I hope we have a great time!

Team Name: Kingdom Of Hordaland
Leader Steam ID: Samu
Number of people who will attend: 20
We have read and agreed with the rules. Yes

Unsure if this is full or not as there are no comments here but will try
I apologize for not answering you earlier. Only today we were able to get verified information about the compositions, unfortunately there were no empty seats left. Thank you for your interest in our event.

Sorry for my English.
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