The Deluge 0.8 trailer

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Zardes had put together a very nice trailer during alpha and beta tests of the new The Deluge update. Take a look and leave your comments. :wink:

Also, feel free to share the link with your friends.

Here's some other places where you can find us and show your support (soon all pages will be updated with proper 0.8 version info - for now we're too busy with the patch itself :wink: ):

I hope that Slawomir forgives me for writing about this but it's probably best to clear your mind.
The cannons can be used individually and altered (angled higher, lower, change of shot) by single crewmen. :smile: Any class can use the helm, otherwise there'd be a bit of a problem when the captain is struck by a cannonball.
Like I said some time ago, there will be two kinds of naval battles:

1. Normal, for many players, where one person steers the ship and others operate the cannons. Later on this will be probably expanded to setting sails or some other thing, to force better teamplay on players. I also wanted to make ship's speed based on wind strength and direction, so that proper ship navigating would be very important. Wind direction is partialy implemented (notice the flags on the masts), but it still doesn't affect the ship speed. Maybe after the patch I'll be able to finish this... We will see.

2. Captain mode, fully playable even when there are just 2 players on the server. Each player can spawn and command his own ship - he can steer and fire all cannons at once (or by side). Players can also choose to spawn as a regular sailor to existing ship, if they don't want to play as ship captain or if there are too many ships already.
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