The default mercenary troop line should be expanded and mercenaries should be found in higher numbers in taverns

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Mercenaries can be good when you invest in specific perks to make them free or even make them pay you, but otherwise, except for the mercenary crossbowmen, mercenary troops are just plain bad without being convenient to hire. In warband, where your party troop limit was at most 150 (more like 200s unless you had 10 leadership + absurd renown) and if you didn't grind relations with several villages, being able to recruit 10 mercenary units was jackpot. Now, it is possible to have 500 troops in only your party (+you can have up to 4 additional parties), just being able to get the same number of mercs doesn't cut it anymore. This is made worse with being able to get recruits from towns. The devs should change the number of hireable mercenaries to 10-30 per town (unless you only have enough money to hire n where n is <10, then you can choose to hire n number). The mercenary line should also be expanded. There needs to be mercenary horse archers (or horse crossbowmen), mercenary shock troops with 2 handed weapons, and the mercenary swordsmen should have pikes added to their items.

As a kinda separate suggestion, peasant women and women warriors/sword sisters troop tree should be added to the game. Women should also be part of the militia but with a lower ratio than men.

Another suggestion, minor faction mercenaries should also be hireable from taverns in lore-appropriate towns for the minor faction (for example, jawwal units shouldn't be hired in anywhere but aserai, the skolderbrotva hireable only in northern sturgia, the eleftheroi units should only be hireable in empire and khuzait towns bordering each other, etc.)
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