The decline of multiplayer.

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Hello, I would like to share my anger, my sadness on the game in multiplayer.

Although solo is doing well which makes up 99% of total bannerlord players, multiplayer remains a community attached to bannerlord who come from warband for a large part. I must admit that too many things, bugs are currently spoiling the game in multiplayer

- the skirmish/captain matchmakings which with the rank have been killed in addition to research bugs.
- Private servers that crash often for we don't know....
- Lags, connection problems in the recurring lobby
- the skirmish that crashes because the server does not know what to do when in a private server a 7th player joins a team that is already theoretically full. which destroys the few skirmish games still alive, notably on the DR Skirmish servers. and this is from bannerlord not server owners.
- No evolution / patch, to improve, balance the multiplayer or even solve recurring problems as mentioned above
- official servers like the EU duel several times a week off without giving any reason
- No way to farm the loot for the cosmetic for new players, because matchmaking is dead so no alternative.

The list is surely long I would ask you members of the community to complete it because I have put the main points.

What are you planning to do ? if we have issues like this after the game is released how are we going to deal with big multiplayer mods? how will you survive the multiplayer? You really have to do a few things.


I as well agree with you, Multiplayer must be fixed. For what it’s worth, I have had fun playing the games I’ve been able to play.

There is a lot to like about it, but the current state of Multiplayer has deterred many people from it unfortunately. I have a hard time understanding how a game that’s fully released has such a broken Multiplayer. By now I’ve gotten used to the server crashes and I know when I should drop out of a match before it makes my game freeze.

The Multiplayer has a lot of cool features, but all of it feel inaccessible at the moment do to the lack of players and the bugs and crashes that come with the experience, how’s Invasion mod going to work when it gets released.
The state of MP servers are embarrassing that's why people don't bother, Who wants to log in to have 5 minutes of a game then the server dies?

TW servers are that embarrassing i stand by what i said months ago that they should just take them offline to try save face.


Feels like I spend more time reporting bugs with the online servers then actually playing.

Theres no way a newcomer would put up with this hence the dead servers
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