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The current and maximum numbers of troops and prisoners need to stay on top, not scroll away.

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You know like how in Excel, you can freeze certain rows so that you always have access to information from that rows. That's convenient, right? Surely people working with computer would know that, right? So why do I keep having to scroll up to see how many more troops/prisoners I can add without going over the limit???

Not to mention all the jumping, for example when you upgrade a unit and add a new stack of troop so the whole list would jump causing your next click to miss and most often click into the transfer troops slider. You know how annoying that is? I feel like I'm on the shady part of the internet and being assault by pop up ads.

The party management UI is a mess, frankly. Tons of blank, unutilised space, while information is being obscure and hard to access, not to mention an overall lack of functionalities. Modders already publish some pretty good fixes so it's not something that difficult, I don't know how you guys can consider the current UI acceptable to ship out..

At least make a post say that it's on radar for improvement or something..

Dragon Ace

I agree your idea, this panel should be freeze for easier viewing. And please add total number of normal troop + wounded troop be like: (96 + 18w) 114/125
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