The Crimean Host [Recruiting]

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The Crimean Host

Who are the Cossacks?

Cossacks are a group of predominantly East Slavic people who became known as members of democratic, semi-military communities, predominantly located in Ukraine and in Southern Russia or in laymans terms, Angry sepratist Slav's & Rus who go around in warbands pillaging and telling jokes all while having a good time.

Below, you can see some tiny Cossacks

The Crimea

The Crimean Peninsula, also known simply as Crimea, is a major land mass on the northern coast of the Black Sea that is almost completely surrounded by water. It's a land formerly known as 'Cimmeria' i.e the Land of badasses that Conan took his name from. Its currently being feuded over by assholes who want to lay claim to its badass heritage.

The time we stole the Tsar's vodka

Who are we?

Well, we're the Athenai in Rome at War and a variety of other things in other mods. This is a clan for us to have fun. We're not serious, we're not private. If we like you you're in or free to just come play with us and have a laugh.

Here are some Cossacks, Enjoy.

This is a Cossack, being glorious & manly beside his cannon

Clan rules​
1. There is only one rule​
2. We break rules, because Cossacks​
3. The only rule that matters, Don't be an *******

If you want to play or join us, speak to Horton or KickingJoub via PM

TS Server Address
We have returned to bring manliness and cossacks to all! Except the swedes. They get bullets and sabers.
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