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The Conversion at Enfeld, Winter 504 AD

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While Aethel Freawining and his remaining warriors spent the winter of 504 in the countryside near the village Enfeld, something miraculous and explainable happened.
According to the Jutish Chronicles of Braktrius, during the long night of the Winter Solstice, the Jutish refugees fighting to stay warm in the deathly cold air,
the visage of St. Peter descended upon Aethel and his company, revealing much to their eyes.

"Peter, showed their eyes both the wrath and mercy of the Christian god, terrifying and awing them altogether."
Braktrius tells us that this ghost first awed the band, and then showed them several outcomes to the war they were fighting.
He tells us that they were then thoroughly convinced that the semi-legendary and iconic man, Arthur, their once erstwhile nemesis, was a
man marked by the old gods and the new, and that if they helped him prevail, he would go on to help the world into a state of peace and greatness.

We do not know what truly happened there at Enfield on Yuletide, but we do know, that afterwards, Aethel was baptized as Aetius, and along with his remaining followers, began to bear crosses on their clothing and on a second banner everywhere they went.

The most important fact about this event is that, these German invaders were effectively turncoats at a strange time, possibly saving the British cause for a time.
They are said to have named Arthur as "touched by the gods", and although Braktrius states they still had neither love nor direct allegiance for and to the man, they still fought in his name for what they believed was the good of the world.

After "converting" the local settlements to his new cause, this Aethel Aetius declared the founding of his own kingdom, named Aetia,
where he also founded a new capital outside of Londinium, removing its populace from the rubble of that destroyed city, and named the new capital Aetia also.
Although the kingdom was obviously now bound to the whims of the larger British kingdoms nearby, and thus, at least at first, a sub-kingdom, Aethel Aetius is believed to have almost immediately taken complete control of the land around Londinium and completely centralized his power at his new capital, Aetia, in a matter of months.  He also brought in Bishops from Gaul, inviting them to his fledgling kingdom to establish parishes and churches there.


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(For Idibil: Main points here:
- Aethel is now Aetius
- is on Briton side
- Lundene is now the capital of a new kingdom - Aetia)


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In accordance, Aetius and his brave men are now under the command of King Ballista and Aetius has converted the local garrison in Londinium, claiming it in the name of God and the Britons cause and has claimed it in the name of the Kingdom of Romano-Regia, replacing all of Aelle's banners with the banners of the crucifix and the banner of Romano-Regia. Ballista has decided that the province of Londinium shall be granted to Aetius.
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