The companion skill and focus attribution often leads to an exp bottleneck

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If not almost always.
Summary :
Let me explain : most companions will have 90% of their attribute points in the combat orientated skill trees. They'll have 8 vigor with 150 200 150 in vigor stats, and 4 control with 135 90 90 in control stats. They'll have focus points in all melee stats and in most ranged stats. They'll have focus points in riding and in athletics. As a result of this dispersion of stats, you'll often see skills that cannot be leveled any further.
I get that the spreading of stats and points through was intended to give the player a choice as to how he uses the companion. But in the end, it effectively deprives us of any choice. The only choice I will have is, use the one skill (99% of the time a combat skill) where you can still progress, if you have one, so that maybe in a decade you'll level up and then we can work up something that actually works.
The "best" companions tend to be the lower level ones because of this. Because they're lower level, the random skill attribution has goofed up less with them, and it will be less of a nightmare to level them up and shape them ourselves.
"Healer" characters end up having 0 intel ad 0 focus point in medic, ending up in being unable to level up their medicine stat from the get go. Same with all of the very few characters that are not combat-only.

Suggested fix : Do not allocate the attribute points and the focus points. Give us the canvas of stats the companion has, and let us work with and around it to shape our own companion, because often times we'll do much better than random. I know it is possible because it has happened to me ONCE, was unable to reproduce it.

How to reproduce :
Start your game, recruit as many companions as you want, check their stats and see the amount of green (= room to exp) there is and where (=in the combat stats) the green is. Check stat repartition. Statistically, you'll get killing machines, that have little to no room to improve, and their room to improve is spread on many types of weapons, and your companion will only use one of them. The higher the stats, the longer the grind, good luck.

Version :
1.0.2. , 1.0.3.

Computer specs :
Win 10 x64
Geforce GTX 1080 Ti
Corsair LPX 3000MHz, 24 Go
Gigabyte Z270X UG
System drive samsung SSD 850 EVO, Game drive Seagate Barracuda 2To


I agree with this too, They're hard to level up. I want some low level companion(suggest 1-5) because I want to build him to be my engineer. :[
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