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The command interface is obsolete, downright silly and needs a total overhaul.

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While this is nice I also don´t get all the hype, they now add a feature that was already done by a mod 1,5 years ago?! The mod also offers more options for the slow down.
TW picking content more or less directly from mods are good news to me, worth some hype beyond this feature alone! To me, it seems developers often are hesitent to do so.


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TW picking content more or less directly from mods are good news to me, worth some hype beyond this feature alone! To me, it seems developers often are hesitent to do so.
Sure it´s good, but we are talking about a feature that was done 1,5 years ago by a single modder. And TW will now add a worse version of this mod (slow down cannot be chosen) in one of the upcoming updates.

But I guess it could be a big deal for every player who wasn´t aware of the mod. I hope they will also add the "fix siege tower mod" soon.



I think any improvement/fix to the game is worth all the hype out there. Whether it comes directly from the Devs or even better from Modders, it's a good thing and will only make the game better. To me, if the Devs were inspired by a mod or just copied it, means they are attuned to the community, which I think also deserves "hype".
Encouraging people to do more by giving praise is better than being negative about what they do, inhibits inhibits the process.

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Sure. That works, of course. Horse archers die in instants when i play Empire with emphasis on elite cataphracts. What if you're doing a playthrough with emphasis on footmen and crossbowmen, with the occasional horse archer skirmishing force? Also, even if I decide to funnel those troops myself with a smaller force and a shield, why does my shield arm drops whenever I issue a simple order? Does that make ANY sense to you?
And it's not the same with Battania, of course. Sometimes they just have a single counter to HA: staying on a hill and peppering them with arrows. Different tactic, same issue: even if I'm behind the first line I'll definitely get some flak when I'm issuing the simplest of orders. And my shield arm will drop, of course. That is my issue, did you read the post in its entirety?
Also also: let's be honest. Few people play this game standing behind two lines. Most people, I'm quite sure, usually run amok with their cavalry. Hence the title, mount&blade. It's not yell&sit. Still, if you want to play that way it should be more than playable, fun, engaging and the like. It should be approachable from many different angles - yet the issue of giving orders = losing time and being completely vulnerable for no reason exists nonetheless.
Dibs on the title for the next Mount & Blade-like game: Yell & Sit.


Positive reviews, I would give it a try.
Every time they have negative reviews, they pull it off Steam and rename the company. This time only the "it's soo bad it's good" crowd remains.

I got 1 warning point for saying "devs are lazy noobs" early in this thread mostly because a developer might have read that (and probably reported it). You have to watch what you are saying and avoid potentially demoralizing the devs, or this could go on forever! :smile:
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