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SP Fantasy The Chronicles of Narnia Mod - A mod for Vanilla 1.011 - Recruiting

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Narnia Mod

Narnia Trooptree - 0% done
Archenland Trooptree - 0% done
Calormen Trooptree - 0% done
Ettinsmoor Trooptree - 0% done
Telmarine Trooptree - 0% done
Map - 30% done
Menu - 0% done
Itens - 2% done
Banners - 100% done
The country of Narnia is where most of the action of the series is set. According to the mythology of the series, Narnia was created by the great lion, Aslan, and is filled with talking animals and mythical creatures. C. S. Lewis may have taken the name from the Italian town of Narni, whose Latin name was in fact Narnia. Narnia features rolling hills rising into low mountains to the south, and is predominantly forested except for marshlands in the north. The region is bordered on the east by the Eastern Ocean, on the west by a great mountain range, on the north by the River Shribble, and on the south by Archenland.

The Great River of Narnia enters the country from the northwest and flows to the Eastern Ocean. At its mouth lies Cair Paravel, the seat of High King Peter and his siblings. Other communities along the river include, from east to west, Beruna, Beaversdam, and Chippingford.
Archenland is a mountainous country south of Narnia. It is bordered on the north by Narnia and on the south by the Winding Arrow river. The seat of government is at Anvard, in the heart of the country. No other towns or villages are mentioned in the Chronicles. It is described as being somewhat open parkland, with many different varieties of trees scattered far enough apart so as to not constitute a forest – but it is mostly a mountainous country. Archenland is allied with Narnia, as is shown in The Horse and His Boy. Unlike Narnia, Archenland is inhabited by humans and is governed by Men. The second son of King Frank VI of Narnia became the first King of Archenland. For reasons not explained in the Chronicles, the line of King Frank survived here (at least until the time of High King Peter) but failed in Narnia itself.
White Wich's Army <-- This is no longer a faction, now, the narnian Rebels are called White Wich Suporters, and, the White Witch is the Narnian Claimer
Narnia remained at peace for hundreds of years after its creation, until Jadis the Witch-Queen returned as the White Witch. She conquered Narnia and reigned as a tyrant, using her wand to turn anyone who crossed her into stone. With her magic she covered the land in perpetual ice and snow, making it "always winter and never Christmas." Though she claimed to be Queen of Narnia and Châtelaine of Cair Paravel, Jadis ruled from her own fortress in the north, where her halls were lined with Narnians she had turned to stone.

By this time humans had died out in Narnia, or had been driven out; though humans remained in Archenland and Calormen. Jadis feared a prophecy that "when Adam's flesh and Adam's bone sit at Cair Paravel in throne, the evil time will be over and done." Her spies were thus always watching for human intruders.
Calormen Empire
Calormen is a semi-arid empire in the south of the world of Narnia. Notable geographic features include the Flaming Mountain of Lagour (a volcano) and the Great Desert. The Great Desert is in the northern part of the country, and the difficulty of crossing it discouraged the Calormenes from invading Archenland and Narnia.

The capital of Calormen is Tashbaan, located on an island near the mouth of the River of Calormen,[1] which flows from west to east in the north of Calormen, just south of the Great Desert. Gardens and pleasure houses line the river valley for several miles above the city. North of the river, on the margins of the desert, lie the royal tombs.

The city of Azim Balda, to the south of Tashbaan, is a hub where many roads meet; it hosts the government's postal system.[2]

Narnia never was on very good terms with Calormen, because of Calormen's desire to dominate the countries around it.
Ettinsmoor Land
Many Giants live in the lands that lie North of Narnia, including the Giants of Ettinsmoor, who fight each other with stone hammers, and the wicked Giants of Harfang (SC). Humans are often a source of amusement, entertainment, or occasionally food for these wicked giants.
Ettinsmoor, it's also, home of the Green lady, she is able to transform herself into a huge serpent. Most of her other powers seem to be related to seduction and enslavement; she has bewitched and enslaved Rilian and an army of underground gnomes, and almost succeeds in bewitching Jill, Eustace, and Puddleglum.
Telmarine Empire
The Telmarine Age of Narnia (1998-2303) began with the invasion of the Kingdom of Narnia by the people of Telmar (the Telmarine Conquest) at the end of Narnia's Dark Age (after the disappearance of the Pevensie monarchs) and technically includes the two time periods that followed. The leader of the Telmarines during this conquest was King Caspian I, or Caspian the Conqueror, who vanquished the lawless country and built his own capital city at the heart of Narnia, far from the north, south, and the ocean, leaving Cair Paravel to be abandoned. Caspian I established the long-lived Telmarine Dynasty, specifically the first half, known as the Caspian Dynasty or Early Telmarine Dynasty. Caspian I also founded the Telmarine-Narnian Army. Upon this conquest, the Telmarines amassed not only control of the mainland Narnia, but its imperial territories like the Lone Islands, making the King of Narnia also the Emperor of the Lone Islands. This era had ultimately lasted for a total of 305 Narnian years.





Ikaguia - Map
elorian - Models

We need volunteers for almost everything.



What font?

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  • IncisedBlackWide Normal        (Medieval font)
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  • Narnia font    (I don't know how to put this, yet)
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Total Members Voted: 6

Voting closed: 14-12-2010, 19:35

p.s. sorry by the bad english, I'm Brazilian so my fist leanguage is not english.

Njunja - For his aewsome Models
Mandible - For the High King Shield and for all the help he gave me.

Updated 15/12/2010


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So you plan on making a mod by starting out with a banner maker? :razz: I would say get coders and modellers.


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1. Read the forum to get an idea of how to start a mod properly.
2. Read tutorials until you have some understanding of one of the integral aspects of modding (not planning or team coordinating)
3. Join an existing mod to better your skills while learning from people who know what they are doing.
3.a Alternately, pick a small, but unique idea that you can make by yourself that other people will appreciate (example: graphical mods, battlefield scripts, new armor osp)
4. Once you have a lot of experience in one area and people actually trust that you can pull your weight, present a well-thought out mod idea and explain how you plan to complete it. If you look like you can actually handle what you're doing, people might join you.

In closing, a Narnia mod is a fantastic idea. Its also extremely complex and involves years worth of work to pull off properly. If you aren't actually capable of modding anything yourself, your chances of completing this mod are negligible.

That being said, have fun. Maybe this can be an opportunity for you to learn some modding on your own. Maybe start by making one or two factions for multiplayer. Could be fun playing as a faun versus a minotaur, I won't deny that. I don't mean to dissuade you from modding, I just want you to understand that experienced modders, texturers and coders are not going to flock to your banner (no matter how pretty elorian makes it).

p.s. The Chronicles of Narnia is not a book.

EDIT: Nice to see your ideas are a bit more fleshed out now.


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Longshaft said:
So you plan on making a mod by starting out with a banner maker? :razz: I would say get coders and modellers.

Banner maker because for now, I cant make anything else, and I don't know yet qhat is elorian is going to do

Mandible said:
p.s. The Chronicles of Narnia is not a book.

No it isn´t a book, there are 7 books and I think that there are 3 films based on the books

Revan Shan

Grandmaster Knight

What can I say. I think Narnia is the worst fantasy saga ever made.

It's epicless, it feels... forced. 4 kids as heros, and all filled with pusy animals. Even Santa makes an appearance... Cummon.

The telmarines are the only serious thing on Narnia, but one decent faction isn't enough to forget all the other content. LOTR, Warhammer, Hiridia and the Wheel of Time own Narnia. It's the worst thing ever made since the ewoks from SW Episode VI.


Nice grammar.

Narnia is one of the best fantasy series ever. Not that I took your comment seriously.


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Narnia is a kid's book. One of the oldest fantasy series, but still, a kid's book. I never read any of the books in the series, so I can't judge, but a friend of mine considers it an entry point in to fantasy genre for a younger reader, so that's pretty much my opinion too, as I respect her judgment.
On- Topic
I believe that making a mod based on Narnia is somewhat... Stupid, seriously, almost no humans, (save for Tellmarines Revan mentioned), most of the characters are mythical creatures, and those creatures would be EXTREMELY HARD, if not IMPOSSIBLE to implement. How are you gonna implement, for example centaurs or minotaurs without some hardcore coding and animating skills?
Don't take this wrong mate, but I agree with Mandible, start with something simpler.


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I quite now how to model, but my computer ****, my father is going to buy a new one and then I'll model.
For now I'll just help with the litlle things.


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Use this: http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/9918/narnia3y.jpg instead of this: http://img715.imageshack.us/i/narnia3y.jpg


You'll find it on the right side of the imageshack page under "direct" instead of "link".


Ikaguia said:
I quite now how to model, but my computer ****, my father is going to buy a new one and then I'll model.
For now I'll just help with the little things.

new PC wont give you any advantage to start doing simple models
and simple models is exactly this place where you have to start

by the way i could only recommend same as Mandible did
Mandible said:
2. Read tutorials until you have some understanding of one of the integral aspects of modding (not planning or team coordinating)
3. Join an existing mod to better your skills while learning from people who know what they are doing.

by the way many mods day just cause it has no team
people are not capable work years or more for one mod
even if you will be one of the best modelers that don't says that you can find team or even complete your mod

it is very important things what other people thinks about your idea (especially moders who can help you do it)


I,m sorry but...

Give the guy a break already........ :shock:

You'd think that a guy with good intentions could at the very least get a little direction and or respect.
A good or even great mod can be built by just one person. It just takes time! and a strong commitment. I have been working on my mod since early april.

I have beat the bushes asking questions. People have helped and I have helped and offered my help to anyone who needed it. my modification is strictly fantasy and now this poor guy knows why. there are too many people who are quick to bash someone based on ideas and opinions. Too many people who worry about "realism" in a game.

It's a game for christs sake.. LOL

Lighten up and offer the gentleman positive feedback and advice. If I had a dollar for every egg head who complained about a free modification... :mrgreen:

If you want to make a mod based on this idea or any other.... I say

GO FOR IT!!! good luck.


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Thank you Ladany, and god luck for you to, I think you'll need it. xD
and rgcotl, I need a new PC, because There isn't enought space to work on the mod.


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I've made a clean up in my computer, to make it a litlle faster, and acidentally, I've deleted the warband directory.
I've already started making things again, and now I can use the editing programs without trouble.

New screenshoots:


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