The China custom test server, a petition from our community.

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hi Taleworld and evey m&b player.

I am Doinb(Redinb maybe someone know) i am china M&B forum MP admin and in the last few days some cn player said oc have they custom server.

but i dont believe because Dejan said not open any when i see the picture and talk with UsainVanRudisha. yes they have.

So i send the massage to the Dejan and long time no any reply,and i hear he was rest.

someone said maybe i can talk in the taleworld forum about cn custom server. now i come:oops:

long time agos EA server have so many player and chinese is the most.but we need vpn play this game so many player back to warband or leave the game.
we dont like EU/OC/NA/EA player dont use the vpn,so we cant inv the friend or warband player to change Bannerlord MP. so many newplayer dont use vpn to play MP so they have bad ping and said"fu*k off this sh*t game,MP is s*it"

[90% player dont want use the play the high ping game,like north player use vpn have70-100ping,and vpn need costs money every month]

i thing if oc can have the custom server , we can2.

that will be reborn cn bannerlord commuity and we can help more test.

and we know cn forum is partners with Taleworld 12 years. we have confidence and hope that taleworld can give us this chance!

pls i believe bannerlord will let the m&b commuity go the internationalization and we need to do this.

(i see so many EA or CN player said been many bad about taleworld.but believe me they just want to good play this game and they love it)


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I've played 2400 hours of the game, 1700 hours in MP , and consider myself one of the core players. Over the past two years, I have seen countless players join the game and quit due to server stability and high ping. Therefore, having a community server is very important for us. With a community server, we can invite players who have quit to come back and also attract more new players to MP



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