The Camp: keeping your specialists out of harm's way

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The arrival of the new automatic troop assignments has marked a large uptick in complaints from the playerbase. As it turns out, people used manual division assignments to accomplish 2 main tasks:
  1. Targeted training of certain units: I do not share the concern regarding this one, as there is an abundance of perks and other more conventional means to achieve the same. Nonetheless, expanding the filter options will likely fix this.
  2. Companion usage, the one I will be focusing on
In Warband, the playerbase would make use of companions in various ways, usually diving them between support and frontline roles: supporting companions were the last on the party spawn list, and they would be moved to the back should they spawn, while frontline companions were either mixed in with regular troops as "captains" (I used to do that) or were given a mount and acted as a bodyguard to the player.

Bannerlord, among its most notable changes, has the possibility of your precious surgeon or scout or steward dying in battle, so where you put your companion in battle is less about minmaxing and more about your campaign having or not a severe setback.

For the bodyguard role, I propose to simply make it so that, if you click on their portraits in deployment screen and they aren't assigned to lead a division, they follow the player closely. Control key for the bodyguards could be [ ' ].

For support companions, I propose an admittedly small but potentially expandable system: the Camp. Think about it, where would a medieval surgeon be during the battle? Where is the engineer during the siege? Not at the frontlines, they would be at the camp. In short, the Camp is nothing but a tick, next to the "Talk to" icon in the party screen when selecting the unit, making that unit unable to spawn in battle but still affect your party in the campaign map. If the party is defeated, the companion is captured, along with a greater than usual chance to die (since they don't appear in battle anyway).
The expandable part of the system would be the possibility to assign regular troops to the campsite, safe from harm's way but still gaining xp from the amount shared within the party. The amount of xp gained while in camp shouldn't be substantial, literally just what you need to get soft recruits to get a shield and be useful. Or, perhaps, certain players will use it as a "bench" of sort, where they put their top tiers, saving them for more difficult engagements (NOTE: the party screen has to be accessible when engaged, or at the very least there has to be one way to bring the units out of the camp if you're suddenly engaged and you didn't do that before).
An additional layer could be added where units give campaign bonuses if added to the camp: Khuzait raiders giving you extra scouting if in the camp, Legionaries and Sergeants giving additional xp per day to low tiers, and so on and so forth.
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