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The 30th Cambridgeshire Regiment of Foot

Regimental Information
The regiment spent most of the French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802) back in the Mediterranean. It fought at Toulon (1793), on Corsica (1794) and Minorca (1798), before moving to Italy and Malta in 1799.The 30th then joined the British force in Egypt in 1801. It returned to Britain in 1802 and a year later formed a 2nd Battalion. This served in the Peninsular War (1808-14) from 1809, fighting at Fuentes de Onoro (1811) Badajoz (1812) and Salamanca (1812), where it captured a French eagle. It had suffered such losses by December 1812 that its six weakest companies had to return to Britain to recruit, while the four strongest ones merged with a battalion of the 44th Regiment of Foot to form the 4th Provisional Battalion. This dissolved in 1813 and the four companies from 2nd Battalion re-joined the six newly-recruited companies in Jersey later that year. 2nd Battalion moved to Holland in 1814 and fought at Waterloo (1815), at one point forming square and resisting 11 French charges. In 1817 the battalion was disbanded. In the meantime, 1st Battalion sent five companies to fight in Hanover and northern Germany in 1805, before regrouping the following year to travel to India. It stayed there for over 20 years, sending detachments to Java and Portuguese Macao in 1807-08. It also foughtin the Third Maratha War (1817-19). For the next 35 years it alternated between overseas postings, including Bermuda, Nova Scotia and the Ionian Islands, and time in Britain and Ireland. The regiment deployed to the Crimean War (1854-56), serving at the Alma (1854), Inkerman (1854) and Sevastopol (1855). *Thank you to the National Army Museum website for this information

Regimental Rules
-Do not ever teamkill or teamwound with our tags on. It creates a bad name for us and will most certainly get you kicked out of the regiment. If you teamkilll accidently make sure you type sorry in chat or apologise in the discord chat.
-Always show a good standard of disapline in events, Stay spec until assigned a side and wait until the Officer assigns a troop, when you spawn in get in line with your others and wait, do not look around and do not head bob.
-Be Mature, for example when we are getting **** on I don't want people yelling and screaming, that really slows down my thought process and what would  have been a retreat order will be me telling you guys to shutup and by then we are probably all dead. Respect the officers and respect PTS
-Here in the 30th we expect a moderate silence among the rankers while someone is leading. If you have something important to say please use PTS (Permission To Speak).
-Respect everybody in the community, I do not care if they started just it  don't make it a bigger deal than it already is.
-When joining this regiment I expect for you to be here for 1 event a week. If you won't be able to come for awhile make sure to notify an officer.
-If you have a noisy background, please for the love of all that is holy and pure USE PUSH TO TALK.
-If an Officer asks you to do something do it, no talking back.

How to join
To join the Regiment you will need to contact Col. Dankus (Me) via steam or Discord.
Make sure to add me on steam so that you can get event messages.
Join us on our discord, that way you can join our Regiment, once on the Discord please PM "@Dankus I'm here to join the Regiment, I've come from your North & South Post." in general, you will be assigned a Interview role, and you will be asked for when your free to do an interview. Don't worry though! the Interview is just to confirm your free time.

Regimental Ranks
[center]Colonel - Col
Lieutenant Colonel - LieutCol
Major - Maj
Captain - Capt
Lieutenant - Lieut
Ensign - Ens
Serjeant Major -SjtMaj
Colour Serjeant - CSjt
Serjeant -Sjt
Corporal - Cpl
Lance Corporal - LCpl
Private - Pte
Reservist - Res
Recruit - Rct[/center]

Regimental Numbers

Colonel - Dankus -

Non-Commissioned Officers


Enlisted Men

Recruit - Fire -
Recruit - I3ulletTrain -
Recruit - OrcMerchant -
Recruit - Jam -
Recruit - Shnudel -
Recruit - Jokrr -
Recruit - egg003 -
Recruit - Penapple -



Regimental Event times.
[center]Friday 1:

Name: Union Brigade Friday Event, bi-weekly.

Time: 9 PM GMT (21:00 GMT). Training at 8 PM GMT (20:00 GMT).

Module: North & South: The First Manassass.

Friday 2:

Name: CRoF's Friday Anglo-Zulu Defence, bi-weekly.

Time: 8 PM GMT. Training at 7:30 PM GMT (19:30 GMT).

Module: Anglo-Zulu Reloaded


Name: Duke of York and Albany's Saturday Deluge Event.

Time: 8 PM GMT (20:00). Training at 7 PM GMT (19:00 GMT).

Module: The Deluge.


Name: 32nd & VG Sunday Roleplay Event.

Time: 7:30 PM GMT (19:30 GMT). Training at 7 PM GMT (19:00 GMT).

Module: Napoleonic Wars.[/center]