The Blacklisting of NW's largest combined Public Community

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Have now lead to the blacklisting of 2 long-standing and very popular Public Communities in the Napoleonic Wars DLC. This is due to a complaint about bigotry and racism on one server, and the blacklisting of it lead to the blacklisting of several.

As an avid player of both for several years and the previous "Head Admin" of the latter server (NRP) and between these two servers and our friends over at Minisiege (another favourite server of ours) the game has continued to see its influx of noobs to then be fed into the regimental private community meat grinder.

I don't really care to argue for the ins and outs of "WAHHH FREE SPEECH" and "it's a policy you agree to when hosting a server, idiot" but rather just want to appeal for the decision to be reconsidered. I personally know that a large population of both players and staff were themselves hoping for a change in the poor behaviour of certain aspects of the server and have now had their main reason for continuing to play the game completely and utterly destroyed in one fell swoop due to the poor behaviour of the few.

NRP and Jailbreak have no joint-authority or anything of the sort and are merely hosted on the same servers for sake of cost+convienence, and I'd just like to draw attention to the fact that a massive, massive group of people have had their treasured community of several years swiped out from underneath when realistically those planting the turds in the punch bowl can be swiftly and easily dealt with and this whole thing can be avoided.

Anyway, just my two cents.
Again- REALLY not looking for a debate on private server policy, just drawing attention to the situation.


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As noted in the monetization policy thread, the initial report only drew attention to one of several issues.
Callum_TaleWorlds said:
We feel like we have given people plenty of time to become familiar with this policy and make changes to their service. So from now on, we will start to actively enforce the policy.

With that in mind, this server has now been blacklisted:

  • Violation of Monetisation Policy
  • Racism/Homophobia by Server Owners on Server & Homepage
  • Asset Theft
If it had just been a single offense and if that offense had been immediately acknowledged and addressed, things may have turned out differently. But as things stand, I find it unlikely that JB will receive a second chance.

For the sake of keeping the discussion in one place, I will lock this thread and recommend that further feedback be posted in the above mentioned monetization policy topic.
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