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The Beta is over?

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Yep and I didn't get my damn badge because of all the server crashes and not counting the wins. This sucks


Just my luck i was trying to get the 100 wins in beta medal and i was with 96 wins and the beta ends… #TRIGGERED


Damn, I can't stop playing this. What can i do till that time :sad:
We need an official countdown timer and also "BUY" button !!!


Knight at Arms
17 hours in 3 days, I wish I get it earlier. I couldn't play so much on the first day. I got performance problems on the first day later they added siege and my performance got better, played 16 hours in 2 days. It was awesome. Thanks, Taleworlds! Now.. I have to wait until 10 a.m. welp guess I'll sleep
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