The Battle of Czarnowo (Christmas map)

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Hello :smile:
The map is based on the Battle of Czarnowo ( )which was fought in the night between the 23th and 24th December. The real battlefield was actually not so hilly, but I think it looks better. It has some christmassy objects like a tree in the town so you can use it as a christmas(special) map.

Christmas RP idea:

Team 1: France
Team 2: Russia
It is the 24th December 1812. While the Grande Armée is retreating westwords a french FLAK manages to shot down santa's sleigh, which is then forced to to make an emergency landing
near the town of Pomiecowo. A russian patrol sees their desperate situation and decides to help them defend against a french army, which was sent to capture all the presents.
Balance 1:1 or more french
Only Line-inf and 20% cav

Sleigh: russian Artytrain
Santas elfs: Pavlovskiy Grenaderskiy (they stay close to the artytrain as a last defence)
All the other russian defend the surrounding area. No french cav is allowed and must dismount and kill their horses at spawn.
Winning conditions: The artytrain makes it to the village.
                            They defend the artytrain for 7 min.

                                                                                                                                                                                                (don't ask what this lake behind those mountains is)


Wood feller house: